Marriage Bonds of Jackson Co.

Marriage Bonds were required by an act of the General Assembly in 1740 and continued until 1868 when marriage licenses were authorized.  In order to apply for a marriage, the man had to post a monetary bond to a bondsman in order to prove his good intentions.  If a husband abandoned or refused to provide for his family, the bondsman was responsible for them.  If it is stated "not returned", it does not necessarily mean that the marriage did not take place, only that the bond or license wasn't returned or the minister or Justice of the Peace didn't complete the clerk's register.

Column 1=date and place of bond or marriage, Column 2=name and age of groom, Column 3=name and age of bride, Column 4=bondsman & witness or person performing marriage and witness
Abbreviations as originally recorded: red or Ind = Native American, col =African American, x = person did not sign bond but made his mark

Groom's Surnames Beginning with:
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8-5-1896 at Dillsboro Henry Able, 23 Sophia Sheppard, 23 EB McDade, JP Wit: FM Cathey, WA Enloe
7-17-1875 at TK Welch's Adam (red) 25 Yet Sih (red) 20 TK Welch, JP, wit: Will West, Alex Hornbuckle
9-19-1857 B. Adam Cleninda Evitt  
12-10-1897 at TB Queen's WH Adam, 19 , he from Swain Co. Syntha McMahan, 16 TB Queen, JP, sit: WS McMahan, Wm. Sutton
3-20-1894 at Cullowhee Banister Adams, 62 Mary K. Wilks, 30 John Bumgarner, JP, wit: Nute Fox, A. Wilks
10-19-1894 at Cullowhee Harrison Adams, 20 Queen Pressley, 17 Lee Hooper, JP, wit: Ann Dills, John Ashe
2-15-1881 at WB Davis' McDonnel Adams, 22 Allie Davis, 18 CB Fugate, MG, sit: David Norton, P Adams
7-24-1872 at TK Welch's A-haw-ne-tok (red), 22 Elizabeth (red), 19 TK Welch, JP, wit: Will West
8-18-1853 LM Aheris JB Barton JC Galloway, MG
7-18-1886 at BF Akin's Andrew J. Akin, 20 Callie M. Cogdille, 18 JR Crawford, JP, wit: BF Akin, Wm Ensley
3-25-1880 at W. Ensley's Benjamin Akin, 22 Josephine Ensley, 18 ED Brendle, BM, wit: WT Ensley, SA Ensley
9-8-1880  John Akins, 21 Nancy Cowan, 25 License not returned
10-5-1896 at Canada Ts. C R Alexander, 18 Nelie Brown, 16 TJ Mathis, JP, wit: FR Huffman, JM Wood
7-27-1882 at E. Robinsons Elijah Alexander, 29 Eliza Robinson, 21 HM Bennett, MG, wit: E. Bennett, JB Rochester
10-6-1859 E F Alexander Mary Green D H Cennomur, Clg.
8-3-1894 at Cashiers Geo. H Alexander, 33 R Zella Pickelsimer, 20 JA Marshall, MG, wit: EF, DM & WH Alexander
2-23-1856 John Alexander Katherine Ash Allen Fisher, JP
7-22-1883 at Rocy Hollow John H Alexander, 16 Margaret J Shelton, 18 LW Hooper, MG, wit: JA Galloway, CL Hooper
10-25-1898 at Canada Ts. R S Alexander, 21 Annie Brown, 18 TJ Mathis, JP, wit: FS Fortner, SE Hamilton
7-3-1881 at BN Queen's Samuel Alexander 24 Melvina Ash, 22 BN Queen BM, wit: TJ Bryson, BN Queen
2-3-1879 at M. Coward's Samuel M. Alexander, 20 Rachel Coward, 22 BN Queen BM, wit: T Brown, J. Alexander
2-11-1891 at River Ts. W L Alexander, 21 Annie Shelton, 17 Henry Jackson JP, wit: AM Brown, JW Shelton
3-15-1883 at T Cabe's Wm P Alexander, 24 he from Ocona Co SC Susan B. Cabe HM Bennett MG, wit: HH Taylor, M Moody
10-24-1888 George Allen (col) 32 Hattie Love (col) 21 License not returned
4-30-1886 at M. Farmer's Jerry C. Allen, 24 Alice Fisher, 21 W Ensley BM, wit: WH Allen, RW Fisher
8-6-1900 at Sylva Ts. Lawrence Allen, 31 Alice Sutton. 2- RA Painter, JP, wit: RJ Crawford, ML Knight
12-16-1898 LW Allen, 28 Alice Sutton, 19 License not returned
4-22-1881 at D. Addington Mikel Allen (col) 21 Gustus West (col) 17 GW Spake MG, wit: D. Addington, B. Sherrill
1-13-1878 at McConnell's Nathan Allen, 60 Malinda McConnell, 39 GW Spake MM, wit: RF McFee, WP Allman
10-16-1879 at James Parris Nathan Allen, 65 Jency Hall, 58 ED Brendel BM, sit: RM Parris, JM Parris
2-25-1883 at Phillip Wike Philander C Allen, 40 Menervia I. Wilke, 28 WP Jones JP, wit: JS Fullbright, W Bumgarne
11-27-1894 at Sylva Pierce Allen, 28 Alice Reed, 31 AH Sims BM, wit: AW Farmer, RO Phillips
2-9-1900 at CC Love's Robert Allen, 19 Emma Sparks, 19 RA Painter, JP, wit: DL Love, AJ Love, W Love
1-3-1889 at Cullowhee Sherman Allen, 22 Hattie Coward, 18 AD Hooper JP, wit: Bowman Davis
3-14-1880 at LM Angel's Walton C. Allen, 21 Ann Angil, 21 W Ensley BM, wit: WJ Fisher, HP Brendle
9-16-1871 W B Allen C A Bumgarner DD Davis JP
2-28-1895 at Sylva W B Allen, 22 Ida Mooney, 20 AH Sims BM, wit: Judson Allen, Callie Sims
3-20-1890 at Cashiers J F Alley, 22 Lon Bowlick Javan Davis, wit: EM Alley, MD Edwards
6-7-1892 at JM Hooper's J H Alley, Jr, 32 Pauline Hooper, 25 BG Wilds MG, wit: J. Davis. Cassie Hill
9-20-1883 at W Terrell's Andrew B. Allison, 27 Hattie Woodfin, 30 WC Carden MG, wit: JW Terrell
9-2-1891 C B Allison, 26 Alice Belle Keener, 17 BG Wild MG, wit: TB Allison, JW Keener
8-20-1871 F P Allison Martha A. Coats JR Long PE of MECS
2-21-1896 at Cashiers J C Allison, 22 Minnie Gertrude Heaton, 20 LM Dillard JP, wit: WR Zachary, MA Sharrall
10-13-1870 Joseph Allison Martha Ash JM Candler JP
6-22-1892 at Dillsboro Lee Allison, 22, he from McDowell Co. Hattie Munday, 22 JC Watkins JP, wit: RP Potts, Lola Sherrill
10-26-1859 Monterville Allison Jane Wilson WH Higdon, JP
1-2-1883 at JL Hall's Oatus M. Allison, 22 Cordelia Hall, 16 DH Ash JP, wit: CM Buchanan, J Buchanan
9-30-1860 Samuel Allison Elizabeth Paris LG Ward JP
9-28-1870 S N Allison S C Zachary TH Edwards, Elder
12-29-1882 at EJ Bryson's Samuel N. Allison, 38 Elizza J. Bryson, 33 LM Dillard JP, wit: WB Davis, HRB Lindon
2-24-1897 at Shoal Creek  W C Allison, 22 Tennie Miller, 18 JJ Gray MG, wit: Vergia Cooper, JB Sherrill
12-21-1885 at Webster Isaac Allman (col) 57 Eda Hall (col) 67 JA Wild JP, wit: Julia Wilds, John M. Long
1-12-1900 at W Claytons John C. Allman, 23 Hattie Clayton, 22 WE Conner BM, wit: JH Terrey, Delos D. Hooper
9-21-1868 John G. Allman R. J. Bryson Thom. Wilson JP
4-25-1883 at J Stillwell's William P. Allman, 27 Bettie Stillwell, 20 DG Bigham JP, wit: J. Buchanan, JH Rogers
3-19-1878 at SP Shelton James G. Ammons, 24 Lydia S. Shelton, 21 W. Zachary, wit: JE McLain, WA Queen
2-23-1858 John Ammons Martha Higdon J L Buchanan, JP
4-14-1872 J G Ammons Laura Cowan J S Woodward, MG
11-5-1890 at Savannah  J G Ammons, 41 Laura L. Dills, 31 A W Davis JP, wit: RN Deitz, CL Dills
4-17-1859 S W Ammons Nancy Childers W M Buchanan, JP
8-15-1901 Ervin Anderson (col) 38 Laura Love (col) 20 License not returned
1-30-1870 R. Anderson Sarah Hall E Stillwell, JP
9-15-1869 J E Angel Elmina Conley GW Spake, Clerg.
1-16-1892 at Webster Lee Angel (col) 24 Georgia Ann Gibson (col) 18 WC Vanhook MG, wit: CB Bowman, A Powell
7-30-1871 Thos. Arrington Polly Williams PG Green, MG
5-15-1894 at Webster Charley Armstrong, 30 he from New Castle Pa Rosa Ann Hawkins, 16 RB Shelton, MG, wit: WE Moore, JC McLain
3-29-1875 at the church Will West Arneeh (red), 22 Dina E. Ecua (red), 17 JR Long, MM, wit: Enola & Jessee Reed
8-26-1900 on rail road Dexter Arrington, 22 Nancy Hill, 20 TF Arrington BM, wit: HL Babb, JP Davis
4-24-1884 at N. Blanton's Elbert Arrington, 40 Catherine Blanton, 40 AJ Hall, JP, wit: James Henry
3-20-1892 at Scott Creek Eli Arrington, 21, he from Haywood Co. Pattie Allen, 19, she from Haywood Co. Henr Welch MG, wit: JW Blanton, TC WElch
12-21-1878 at S Enloe's James R. Arrington, 20 Martha Lemons, 19 JW Bird, JP, wit: JB Sherrill, S Jenkins
7-24-1870 Thomas P. Arrington, 26 Artie Reed, 24 MW Bryson JP, wit: AVP Bryson, Jesse Bryson
9-30-1881 at DH Ash's Ashberry B. Ash, 18 Mary J. Brooks, 18 DH Ash JP, wit: DC Jones, WT Brooks
3-6-1855 A. J. Ash Litticia L. Bryson Allen Fisher, JP
11-1-1874 Charles C. Ash, 25 A. J. Enloe TK Welch, JP
11-25-1883 at R Watson Clingman Ash, 17 Nancy A. Watson, 16 OB Coward JP, wit: GE Painter, SF Bryson
8-25-1857 Coleman Ash Jane Parker J Wike, JP
4-3-1881 at S Enloe's Coleman Ash, 28 Mary Shular, 48 JO Wallace JP, wit: Mary Knight, S. Enloe
11-16-1856 Hiram Ash Sarah Ash Peter King, JP
10-20-1863 Hix Ash Harriett Painter Wm Wilson, JP
12-12-1857 Jessee Ash Mary Merrill  
10-21-1880 at G Melton John Ash, 19 Margaret Melton, 18 BN Queen BM, wit: WA Queen, WB Queen
5-23-1877 at EM Shulars John M. Ash, 32 Martha J. Shular, 21 JR Crawford JP, wit: Robt Ash, John Shular
3-14-1883 at V Higdon's Robert Ash, 27 Alis Higdon, 20 DG Bigham JP, wit: VS Higdon, E Highdon
8-24-1882 at AD Hoopers William Ash, 20 Sarah A. Hooper, 16 RL Watson, JP, wit: MB Hooper, Andrew Bryson
6-23-1872  William Ash Sarah Mathis ED Brendle, Elder
7-11-1861 Wm. W. Ash Samantha Stiles Elcanat Ash, JP
11-9-1890 at Canada Ts. C A Ashe, 55 Martha E. Brown, 27 MC Warlick MG, wit: SB Melton, H. Warlick
5-1-1890 at Webster CC Ashe, 40 Mary Strutton, 51 W Ensley, MG, wit: JN Candler, JD Coward
2-25-1886 at LH Tilley's Charlie Ashe, 18 Mandiney Tilly, 18 AD Hooper, JP, wit: JB Rochester, JW Tilly
10-31-1888 Clingman Ashe, 24 Ida Stuart, 20 License not returned
1-25-1891 at Webster C. W. Ashe, 22 Lillie Holder, 19 AJ Long, JP, wit: JV Ashe, JW Robinson
9-27-1886 at LH Tilly's Hampton P. Ashe, 25 Margaret Tilly, 23 AD Hooper, JP, wit: JB Rochester, JW Tilly
12-25-1893 at Hamburg  Henry Ashe, 26 Neddie Slatton, 18 FP Hooper, JP, AT Parton, TB Wilson
3-5-1891 at Webster James R. Ashe, 24 Lillie Cowan, 16 BG Wild MG, wit: CM Buchanan, TB Cowan
4-10-1892 at Savannah John Ashe, 23 Jane Cowan, 20 TF Deitz MG, wit: RN Deitz, CC Higdon
12-24-1893 at Canada T John Ashe, 33 Victoria Parker, 19 JC Wood, JP, wit: SM Parker, AJ Parker
11-9-1893 at Webster John Ashe, 24 Ellen Bumgarner, 20 JP Brendle, JP, wit: ED Franklin, Sallie Long
7-8-1900 at Middletons John N. Ashe, 27 Elzy Magdaline Middleton, 20 JH Owen, BM, wit: John Ashe, AJ Parker
10-2-1898 at Webster John W. Ashe, 26 Margaret Tilley, 22 JP Brendle J, wit: Jon W. Ashe, JC Davis
3-31-1894 Joseph L. Ashe, 28 Harriett Phillips, 18 Returned, not executed
10-5-1891 at Savannah Lewis Ashe, 21 Ellen Jones, 18 TF Deitz, MG, wit: LD Hall, WA Wilson
1-31-1892 at River Ts. Marion Ashe, 19 Sallie Middleton, 20 WA Queen, MG, wit: MJ Watson, EM Watson
1-24-1897 at Barkers Crk. Marve Ashe, 25 Bennie Nations, 21 JH House JP, wit: J. Nations, BP Bradley
10-21-1884 at Painters M. N. Ashe, 19 Lena Painter, 18 AJ Hall, JP, wit: Elllis Painter, EM Painter
1-28-1894 at Cullowhee M. N. Ashe, 28 Martha A. Rhodes, 20 HM Bennett, MG, wit: WC Norton, D Coward
12-10-1888 at Hamburg  R. C. Ashe, 21 Callie Woodring, 16 BN Queen, BM, wit: DM Presley, Ava Wilson
9-13-1883 at BH Jones' Rufus Ashe, 26 Polina Wilson, 19 BH Jones, JP, wit: WH Jones, WR Thompson
6-10-1901 Silvanas Ashe, 26 Hattie Phillips, 18 License not returned
9-5-1895 at Barkers Crk W. D. Ashe, 21 Mary Moore, 18 WM Bumgarner JP, wit: R Bumgarner, J Ensley
4-17-1898 at Sylva W. I. Ashe, 25 Amanda J. Extine, 24 JP Brendle JP, sit: EL Ashe, CJ Franklin
8-16-1885 at J Alaton's  William A. Ashe, 22 Laura Slaton AJ Hall, JP, wit: Jack Wike, John Slaton
8-19-1899 at the church John Austin (col) 30 Lizzie Norman (col) 19 LA Bailey, BM, wit: AM Bobo, Lee Howell
6-2-1887 at Falen's Bake Ayers, 57, he from Haywood Co., NC Margaret Falen, 45 CA Bird, JP, wit: JW Terrell, JS Keener