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Welcome to my Genealogy Site!  Although I have lived in Michigan since I was four years old, all my roots 'n  relatives are in the south.  My heart belongs to western North Carolina, with the majestic mountains and beautiful waterfalls.  One thing that I've discovered in my research is that almost everybody with roots in Jackson, Transylvania and surrounding counties are related, usually in several ways. 

All information at my site may be freely shared for private, non-commercial use.  Please be aware that I have over 75,000 names in my database at this time and, except for my own direct lines, this information has not been personally verified.  The information on this site represents a compilation of material from many written sources, internet databases and data generously shared with me by other researchers.  The information found here is meant to be a starting point for personal research and should not be used as a source for documentation purposes.   If you find any information that you believe is in error (and I'm sure you will) please politely let me know and I will be happy to correct it.  So pull up a rocker and sit a spell on the porch. We'll look out at the beautiful Smoky Mountains, sip some sweet tea and you can meet the family.

On 12-29-2008 I updated the GEDCOMS found here for the first time in five years.  All my previous data was lost in a computer crash and it has taken me this long to recover some of the information.   I still mourn the loss of all my sources and notes, which could not be recovered or replaced.   Many people sent me their own GEDCOMS to get  me started again and I truely appreciate it.  A big "Thank You" and a hug go to Karen Glazner, Linda Owen Anders,  John Cook, Dan Johnson,  Paul Mears and all the other people who so generously helped me.  These are true genealogists in every sense of the word,  who know that research and information mean nothing unless it is  shared with others.  


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