7-16--1892 at Sylva Ts. John Sanders, 19 Alth Brooks, 19 HP Brendle, JP, wit: TD Brooks, NAP, EDB
4-19-1875 at Gabriel Jackson's Robert Sanders, 21 Catherine Huskins, 21 GW Hawkins, JP, wit: AB Jackson
11-7-1900 at Benjamin Saunders' Benjamin Saunders, 32 Zona Warren, 26 AB Henson, BM, wit: JL Balard, TH Mofit, JH Phillips
9-1-1899 at DH Presley's William Saunders, 21 he from Macon Co, NC Hester Presley, 17 HM Bennett, MMECS, wit: WB Hooper, Julia Saunders
4-8-1871 Nicodemus Saunooke (red) Sallie (red) TK Welch, JP
12-5-1894 at Barker Creek Joel L. Sawyers, 26 he from Graham Co, NC Carrie McDade, 18 TB McCurdy, MG, wit: JF Brown, JH Moody
11-24-1875 at Qualla Town Willaim Sawyers (red), 24 Charlotte (red), 25 TK Welch, JP, wit: BB Smith, Ruth Cambel
10-30-1873 at EM Montieth's Samuel Sayngin, 57 Elizabeth M. Montieth, 40 HJ Morgan, MM
8-17-1886 William A. H. Schriber, 49 Halena Metz, 18 she from Philadelphia, Pa. License not returned
1-17-1897 at Barker Creek T. M. Segle, 24 M. E. Bradley, 21 JH House, JP, wit: JL Nations, EL Mathis, GW Revis
12-24-1857 R. O. Self Martha Hughes J Wike, JP
11-23-1881 at Joseph Cowan's William Self, 29 Octa Cowan, 20 GW Spake, MM, wit: RE Long, John Sutton
1-10-1897 at Qualla Ts. James Sellers, 21 Tennie Watts, 17 SW Cooper, JP, wit: GW Snider, WG Bridges, BG Rogers
2-18-1855 Joseph Sellers Catherine Frady JB Sherrell, JP
3-15-1876 Merit Sellers, 20 Jane Ward, 20 License not returned
9-24-1890 at Savannah Ts. W. H. Sellers, 24 Dollie Smith, 16 AW Davis, JP, wit: JH Watson, J Buchanan
11-21-1886 at MJ Pannel's Alfred C. Sextan, 26 Harriet Pannel, 18 SR Cook, JP, wit: LS Cook, JE Ensley
2-4-1894 at Sylva Town James Shark (col), 22 Ella Love (col), 19 LW Allen, JP, wit: RN Pickens, Jas. Underwood
2-17-1884 at Sarah Keener's A. N. Shaw, 18 M. A. Gibbs, 18 SJ Beck, JP, wit: RM Fisher, HL Baker
2-1-1885 at JR Crawford's Henry Shaw (col), 45 Lucinda Bryson (col), 40 JR Crawford, JP, wit: Jacob Bolt, MC Whitenburg
9-28-1860 Joseph N. Shaw Elizabeth Fisher ED Brendle, Elder
10-10-1880 at J Nicholson's Columbus Shed, 24 Roxie Woodring, 28 SC Owens, MG, wit: MM Brown, John Price
12-9-1877 at Pleasant Parker's David V. Shelton, 20 Nancy J. Long, 15 JN Cathey, JP, wit: JC Wood, DH Mathis
5-16-1883 at Josiah Galloway's David W. Shelton, 20 Lyda C. Galloway, 18 Levi Brown, JP, wit: James Owen, WT Brown
10-16-1892 at Canada Ts. Elias Shelton, 21 Elen Brown, 16 JC Wood, JP, wit: Nancy Shelton, TL Shelton, LC Shelton
5-9-1894 at Cullowhee Hanry E. Shelton, 21 Laura E. Crawford, 15 Javan Davis, JP, wit: Nellie Smith, Lena Smith
10-2-1896 at Canada Ts. John Shelton, 27 Anna Slatten, 22 JA Galloway, MG, wit: AE Galloway, NE Brachin, JH Dunn
3-9-1889 at Canada Ts. John Shelton, 19 Alice Mathis, 16 John H Mathis, JP, wit: DE Bryson, JT Cathey, JJ Brown
12-1-1899 at John Woodall's John Shelton, 28 Mary K. Blackwell, 27 WC Henson, JP, wit: LJ Smith, GL Shelton, CC Coward
1-7-1886 at AL Lovedahl's John F. Shelton, 21 Sarah A. Lovedahl, 20 LW Hooper, MG, wit: AM Brown, TH Parker
3-7-1861 M. M. Shelton Martha E. Lewis Wm. Wilson, JP
12-18-1887 at John R Brown's Stephens Shelton, 19 Lilly Brown, 18 John H Martin, JP, wit: John Brown, MO Brown
10-26-1865 Stephens J. Shelton Mahala C. Conley Wm. Hicks, Elder
2-15-1885 at Robert Rogers' William M. Shelton, 26 Belle Rogers, 19 WHH Hughes, JP, wit: DH Rogers, RH Moore
4-1-1869 W. Perry Shelton, son of Wm & Rachael Shelton D. J. Conley, dau. Of JW & Aveline Conley Jas. Mahoney, MG
12-24-1885 at Leonard Jones' Lafayett Sheperd, 21 Sarah A. Jones, 18 RB Raby, JP, wit: AD Jones, JW Elder
12-6-1884 Edward Sherrill, 23 Josephine King, 22 License not returned
5-4-1883 at GC Sherrill's George C. Sherrill, 24 Mary E. Knight, 22 JB Raby, JP, wit: JB Raby, SS Williams
3-22-1856 J. K. Sherrill Sarah A. Allison JB Sherrill, JP
8-23-1896 at Sylva Ts. P. B. Sherrill, 20 Emma Fisher, 18 AB Thomas, MG, wit: Oscar Fisher, Annie Thomas
4-15-1871 R. E. Sherrill Nancy Cooper A Mingus, JP
10-10-1880 at JB Raby's William B. Sherrill, 30 Mollie J. Holden, 24 JB Raby, JP, wit: JB Sherrill
9-16-1894 at Canada Ts. David W. Shook, 19 Manley C. Brown, 17 JA Galloway, JP, wit: JB Coward, WU Mathis, TM Brown
12-?-1896 at Caney Fork D. L. Shook, 23 Julia Middleton, 21 Davan Davis, JP, wit: JE Norton, WB Morris, FB Price
12-1-1874 at JF Shelton's James Shook, 19 Nellie Shelton, 23 JA Galloway, JP, wit: JC Wood, CC Galloway
3-30-1878 at JS Woodan's James Shook, 19 Hulda C. Brown, 20 JS Woodan, wit: Jemima Hooper, DE Woodring
11-13-1872 at Allison Watson's Joseph M. Shook, 22 Jamima Middleton, 21 John A Hooper, JP
6-10-1894 at River Ts. J. S. Shook, 37 Mary Ann Hooper, 36 LW Hooper, MG, wit: BN Queen, JD Middleton
2-24-1900 at EA Cook's Epp Shular, 30 Margaret Cook, 30 JM Keener, BM, wit: John H Smith, JC Shular
8-21-1901 James D. Shular, 20 Ellen Mills, 20 License not returned
3-19-1890 at Cullowhee Ts. R. B. Shular, 19 Emily Watson, 14 WC Norton, wit: JM Watson, WL Henson, AJ Watson
1-31-1884 at JR Buchanan's Thomas Shular, 19 Candis Buchanan, 19 SR Cook, JP, wit: RP Henson, JT Henson
3-3-1901 at Riley Franklin's William Shular, 23 Ider Franklin, 21 David W Franklin, MM, wit: Eli Cook, H Robinson
8-25-1853 Alfred Shuler Lurana Newton BC Norton, JP
12-12-1867 D. M. Shuler,  Susan Evereth Wm. B Garrett, JP
1-6-1898 at WHT Dillard's H. E. Shuler, 21 Anna Dillard, 18 TF Arrington, BM wit: WA Clayton, RJ Crawford
12-25-1898 at AJ Wood's James Shuler, 24 Sallie Wood, 16 Jas. M Keener, Min, wit: WA Watson, JH Wood, JT Smith
11-16-1871 John Shuler Rutha Naimon HM Cook, JP
1-14-1866 Joseph Shuler Margret Morris ITS Eherrill, Elder
12-11-1900 at Safona McMehan's Jeff Sigman, 21 Lizzie Chastain, 19 WA McMehan, JP, wit: LL Sutton, GF Keener
10-6-1898 at Robt. Smith's W. B. Sims, 23 Laura Smith, 21 Geo. A Hughes, wit: BFH Owens, CG Hughes
11-26-1874 at Sarah Hooper's Richard T. Sisk, 19 Lura L. Hooper, 21 CB Fugate, MM, wit: Eliza Zachary, Sally Zachary
4-26-1892 at Webster John Sivley (Sibley), 18 Samantha Frady, 21 HP Brendle, JP, wit: WHH Hughes, BM Smith, CC Love
3-28-1897 at Barker Creek William Woodfin Slagle, 26 Maggie Ward, 16 AH Sims, MG, wit: AA Marshall, SC Allison
11-5-1865  Dyre Slatten Sarah J. Hooper SPC Shelton
6-5-1894 at River Ts. D. T. Slatton, 52 Norah Barens, 20 LW Hooper, MG, wit: OL Hooper
11-26-1891 at River Ts. John Slatton, 51 Jemima Wood, 35 CL Hooper, JP, wit: JA Wike, CL Wike
10-22-1893 at Hamburg Ts. Lee Slatton, 21 Lavada Barnes, 18 UF Brown, JP, wit: L Price, PN Price, WJ Hunncutt
12-26-1897 at Catherine Fisher's D. G. Smathers, 30 he from Haywood Co, NC M. C. Ensley, 21 WE Conner, BM, wit: WV Davis, TG Alley, JC Fisher
2-8-1899 at A Crawford's George Smathers, 20 Emma Crawford, 20 HD Welch, Bap Min, wit: Shoat Crawford, Wm. Crawford
10-1-1893 at Caney Fork Geo. Smathers, 48 he from Haywood Co, NC Cordellia Buchanan, 24 GW Hawnkins, JP, wit: WF Arington, JU Long
10-5-1897 at JJ Moody's J. D. Smathers, 24 he from Haywood Co, NC Dellie Moody, 18 WE Conner, BM, wit: ST Moody, GW Moody, CE Miller
11-14-1897 at John M Queen's William A. Smathers, 21 Marret H. Queen, 18 HD Welch, BM, wit: DA Haynes, WT Derrick
5-1-1898 at Joseph Cope's A. B. Smith, 20 Artie Cope, 17 WJ Evans, MMECS, wit: WD Cope, NM Fullbright
4-22-1883 at LE Fisher's Benjamin M. Smith, 35 C. Belle Fisher, 20 W Ensley, MG, wit: JR Crawford, WC Clayton
9-11-1870 Elbert S. Smith A. C. Allen JA Wiggins, MG
1-2-1881 at JW Bird's George Smith, 31 Jane Turpin, 26 JW Bird, MG, wit: Nellie Jones, CA Bird
8-3-1876 at JB Wood's John Smith, 20 Francis M. Wood, 24 WA Brown, wit: EE Chastain, H Hooper
6-1-1856 John T. Smith Susan Sanders NB Abram, JP
10-15-1896 at Sylva Ts. John W. Smith, 21 Daisy G. Cope, 17 AM Parker, JP, wit: Joseph Cook, PF Dillard
6-21-1891 at Sylva Ts. Joseph Smith (col), 59 he from Buncombe Co, NC Ella Maton (col), 40 RP Powell, MG, wit: JC Bryson, JT Pickens
1-6-1881 at GW Spake's Joseph Smith, 25 Mattie Johnston, 22 TM Frizzell, JP, wit: RE Long, JB Sherrill
6-11-1880 at John Ensley's J. M. Smith, 23 Mary A. Long, 27 W Ensley, MG, wit: James Crawford, JB Ensley
7-20-1874 at J Blythe's Ross D. Smith (red), 23 Mary A. Sneed (red), 19 TK Welch, JP, wit: WM West
11-24-1889 at Canada Ts. R. L. Smith, 18 W. E. Owens, 18 JC Wood, JP, wit: LS Shelton, SA Queen, MM Queen
9-16--1888 at TD Smith's T. D. Smith, 60 Sousan Adams, 38 John P Stewart, JP, wit: J Pierson, Belle Zachary
10-27-1881 at Luisa Norman's William A. Smith, 27 Missouri Herrell, 27 SR Cook, JP, wit: John Henry, JR Smith
1-13-1880 at MD Duncan's William T. Smith, 21 Sallie Muchel, 20 SR Cook, JP, wit: Samuel Queen, Julius Carson
10-15-1893 at Barker Creek Geo. W. Snider, 29 Dicey J. Ensley, 20 AB Henson, BM, wit: TN Snider, JE Ensley, DS Snider
4-13-1876 at W Ensley's Humphrey R. Snider, 23 Ellen Ensley, 19 ED Brendle, BM, wit: John Snider, Thadeus Ensley
2-5-1895 at Sylva H. M. Snider, 23 L. H. Phillips, 17 AM Parker, JP, wit: JP Brendle, AJ Long, DS Snider
9-20-1876 at Elbert Hall's James L. Snider, 27 Harriet Robison, 17 W Ensley, BM, wit: Thomas Love, WS Snider
10-31-1875 at SH Queen's John L. Snider, 24 Mary J. Queen, 16 W Ensley, BM, wit: John Bryson, JH Queen
6-29-1889 at Webster Ts. Julius P. Snider, 21 Fannie C. King, 19 BG Wild, MG, wit: A Bumgarner, JV Ashe
10-16-1898 "in the road" L. Dave Snider, 22 Minnie Fisher, 20 WE Conner, Bap Min, wit: GB Cooper, BA Ayers, JL Miller
9-15-1889 at Webster Ts. Marion E. Snider, 20 he from Haywood Co, NC Allace Messer, 19 JA Wild, JP, wit: TM Barker, HR Snider, JW Jones
1-29-1885 at Elbert Hall's Robert G. Snider, 24 Melvina M. Robison, 24 JR Crawford, JP, wit: WT Henson, John B Queen
3-27-1881 at John Parris' Thomas N. Snider, 24 Julia Parris, 22 W Ensley, BM, wit: FM Bryson, Wm. Henson
12-23-1886 at James Ensley's Ulyssis G. Snider, 19 Martha Ensley, 16 WT Henson, MG, wit: JS Calhoun, RP Potts
4-24-1871 Walking Smoke (red) Selah (red) NW Vaughn, MG
12-22-1888 at Scotts Creek T. E. Snipes, 25 Mary V. Bryson, 17 GW Crawford, BM, wit: JT Carson, WE Bryson, James Foy
1-17-1890 at Scotts Creek Thomas Sorrels, 21 he from Buncombe Co, NC Julia Cope, 18 JR McKay, JP, wit: Tate Cope, AJ Young
6-4-1876 at WW Woodard's William Sorrells, 27 he from Macon Co, NC Charlotte Browning, 20 B Cowan, JP, wit: WW Woodard, W Walker
3-19-1876 G. W. Spake Mrs. M. E. Love Wit: CC Love, Wm. Love
10-21-1901  B. G. Spearman, 36 Annie Rogers, 32
4-16-1893 at Webster Ts. B. G. Spriman, 25 Florence Harris, 18 BG Wild, MG, wit: W Self, JS Calhoun
3-6-1899 at Joicy Queen's Gorden Stanford, 21 Richy Elders, 18 JR Love, Jp, wit: George Extine, Henry Moore
7-27-1876 John Stanford, 70 Ann Woodruff, 25 License not returned
7-20-1874 at TK Welch's Andrew Standing Wolf (Ind), 21 Margaret Owee (Ind), 19 TK Welch, JP, wit RB Smith, EG Hyatt
10-13-1874 at WH Thomas' Robert C. Statlcup, 24 Hasseltine A. Conly, 22 HF Gibbs, JP, wit: Sarah J Thomas, Finley Gipson
12-22-1881 at M Zachary's Seth Stallcup, Jr., 25 Sarah M. Zachary, 22 JC Watkins, JP, wit: Flora Watkins, Lizzie Zachary
7-27-1892 Adolphus Stephens, 20 Addie Parker, 18 License not returned
11-3-1889 at Caney Fork Duglas Stephens, 18 Altena Parker EA Cook, JP, wit: JH Morris, E Coward, WA Hooper
6-16-1855 D. M. Stephens Louisa Brown J Wike, JP
10-20-1892 at Caney Fork J. R. Stephens, 19 Savina Coward, 17 Bragg Hooper, wit: Huff Stephens, LE Hooper
8-29-1897 at WJ Parker's L. M. Stephens, 20 Lula Parker, 22 RL Phillips, JP, wit: EM Coward, TH Hooper, WA Long
1-13-1900 at A Nicholson's R. Huston Stephens, 18 Varina Nicholson, 18 John R Stephens, JP, wit: DH Stephens, LE Hooper
4-24-1870  Ruben H. Stephens Mary C. Brown BN Queen, MG
3-4-1880 at DM Stephens' Vance Stephens, 19 Varina Hooper, 19 RH Stephens, JP, wit: JM Long
8-1-1901 David Stewart, 23 Addie Moss, 17 License not returned
12-20-1894 at Mountain Ts. Jack Stewart, 18 Narlecia Brown, 19 GB Bumgarner, JP, wit: Sm. Moss. DA Watson,EM Moss
10-23-1863 John Stewart Mary Gipson ITS Sherrill, Elder
2-15-1894 at Mountain Ts. Jno. M. Stewart, 22 A. D. Moss, 21 RH Stewart, JP, wit: BM Peek, EM Moss, WJ Henderson
9-26-1899 at "my residence" J. N. Stewart, 23 Mary Taylor, 22 Jas. W Terrell, JP, wit: Lula Terrell, WAH Sheriber
8-26-1892 at Hamburg Ts. J. T. Stewart, 25 Palestine Leopard, 19 John P Stewart, JP, wit: WJ Henderson, RH Stewart, WJS
4-29-1897 at Mountain Ts. W. R. Stewart, 27 Macsie Henderson, 18 JN Bumgarner, JP, wit: TV Anderson, JM Moss
3-4-1875 at JB Allison's Edward S. Street, 30 Melvina Enloe, 35 JM Bird, MM, wit: LC Hall, Hix Wilson
2-19-1887 at Mary Woodard's Benjamin B. Stiles, 19 Mary O. Bailey, 14 CS Buchanan, MG, wit: WT Crisp, WT Stiles
9-11-1865 C. J. Stiles Rebecca Hicks JD Buchanan, Elder
9-29-1900 at RW Stiles' George Stiles, 20 Grace Stallcup, 18 Ebenezer Myers, MMECS, wit: RW Stiles, JB Stiles
3-31-1874 at Mary Queen's Isaac C. Stiles, 20 Martha J. Queen, 22 WR Crawford, BM wit: JH Queen, WT Carson
5-14-1901 J. W. Stiles, 33 Lula H. Ballard License not returned
1868 J. W. Stiles Nancy Seller
2-19-1891 at Sylva Ts. M. B. Stiles, 18 Mary Ensley, 16 AJ Long, SR, JP, wit: RJ Crawford, GE Painter, W Cope
11-17-1892 at Qualla Ts. Robert Stiles, 21 Cannie Wallace, 18 JW Bird, MG, wit: RD Shelton, Lee Cooper
11-2-1893 at Cullowhee Ts. William Stiles, 21 Belle Pressley, 21 John Bumgarner, JP, wit: Jas. Pressley, Riley Morison
10-28-1873 at Sydney Ash's William P. Stiles, 22 Sarah Barron, 18 EC Ash, JP, wit: Sydney Ash, WT Crisp
4-14-1871 ? Stillwell (Ind) ? Casey (Ind) TK Welch, JP
2-1-1886 at Webster Alfred Stillwell (col), 22 Tennessee Howell (col), 18 JA Wild, JP, wit: ER Hampton, AS Bryson
4-15-1896 at Dillsboro Ts. A. R. Stillwell, 22 Estella Buchanan, 19 TB Queen, JP, wit: JC Estes, LD Bradley, WH Hall
2-7-1878 at Amos Ash's John Stillwell, 22 Amanda J. Ash, 19 ED Brendle, BM, wit: L Bumgarner, Amos Ash
9-9-1894 at Scotts Creek John A. Stillwell, 30 Sarah E. Calhoun GN Cowan, MG, wit: HC Cowan, JS Calhoun
7-24-1864 John C. Stillwell Sarah Jane Harris JB Sherrill, JP
12-25-1887 at Jane Stillwell's John F. Stillwell, 57 Sarah Rickman, 38 AH Sims, MG, wit: JC Stillwell, JA Stillwell
5-8-1870 J. H. Stillwell Mandy Buchanan JL Buchanan, MG
10-6-1900 at GW Moody's Polk Stillwell (Ind), 26 Anne Reed (Ind), 22 GW Moody, JP, wit: JL Shook Caroline Shook, L Moody
6-8-1873 at JL Buchanan's Posey J. Stillwell, 25 Sarah Messer, 19 JL Buchanan, BM, wit: MR Buchanan, A Sutton
8-4-1899 at Webster Ransom Stillwell, 24 Fannie Gribble, 19 Nathan Coward, JP, wit: SB Rogers, JR Bell
3-26-1880 at John Stillwell's William Stillwell, 20 Mary Quinn, 18 EP Stillwell, JP, wit: CM Stillwell, Lynch Frady
4-10-1894 at Cullowhee Willia A. Stillwell, 27 Octie Holden, 22 GN Cowan, MG, wit: HC Cowan, Jno. Bumgarner
7-10-1856 John Stiwenter Mandy Miller NB Abram, JP
12-27-1894 at Hamburg Floyd Strain, 24 Docia Jennings, 18 JM Keener, MG, wit: Jas. L Higdon, GW Stiwenter, IH Peek
3-4-1875 at JB Allison's Edward S. Street, 30 Melvina Enloe, 35 JM Bird, MM, wit: LC Hall, Hix Wilson
1-1-1888 at LW Jemison's Jehue P. Stuart, 29 Delphia Jemision, 24 John P Stuart, JP, wit: Dallas Jemision, EF Watson
5-16-1875 at TM Henson's John Stuart, 36 Synthia Wyatt, 38 TM Henson, JP, wit: PE Henson, AD Henson
2-9-1888 at DM Evitt's John B. Stuart, 26 Mary J. Evitt, 21 John P Stuart, JP, wit: Alfred E Carroll, John P Stuart
1-12-1888 at Robert Smith's Joseph Stuart, 22 Mary Smith, 19 John P Stuart, JP, wit: JB Stewart, MS Brown
12-30-1869 J. P. Stuart S. L. Carroll LC Hooper, JP
3-27-1898 at Lizzie Roger's N. C. Styles, 26 Alice Rogers, 16 L Bumgarner, JP, wit: JA Gibson, WH Gates, WA Brown
8-28-1893 at Sylva Ts. J. D. Styles, 26 S. M. Shuler, 22 AB Henson, MG, wit: Wm. Ensley, JR Ensley, GL Crawford
1-2-1890 at Scotts Creek L. J. Styles, 17 H. L. Smith, 16 AB Henson, MG, wit: WE Bryson, JM Justice
7-25-1897 at Barker Creek Mark Styles, 24 Candas Rogers, 15 WT Carson, JP, wit: James Henderson, JH York
5-7-1871 Suab (Ind) Jiney (Ind) JR Long, Min.
7-7-1889 at Barker Creek John W. Suttlemyer, 23 he from McDowell Co, NC Love E. Raby, 13 WP Jones, JP, wit: FM Nations, JC Fisher, JR Raby
4-3-1890 at Savannah Ts. Andrew Sutton, 21 Cordelia Green, 18 CS Buchanan, MG, wit: AB Ashe, JA Buchanan
10-19-1890 at Caney Fork Ts. Austin Sutton, 37 Emma Jones, 36 GW Hawkins, JP, wit: EL Watson, GM Watson, JW Wood
1-23-1898 at DH Ashe's Baxter Sutton, 22 Belle Ashe, 20 TF Dietz, BM, wit: Allen Parris, DH Ashe, Oscar Dills
9-15-1884 at Thos. Jones' Bud Sutton, 26 Alice McMahan, 19 WA Dills, JP, wit: John Davis, John McLain
1-1-1899 at Montvill Allison's Candler Sutton, 20 Effie Allison, 21 TF Dietz, Bap Min, wit: TB Allison, John Wilson
12-20-1896 at Savannah Ts. Coleman Sutton, 21 Lou Etta Bryson, 22 WC Buchanan, JP, wit: Mitchel Cabe, John Carson
3-3-1883 at GW Green's Daniel G. Sutton, 23 Palestine Green, 18 DH Ash, JP, wit: AB Ash, WD Rogers
7-16-1876 at AN Cocherham's David Sutton, 26 Elmina M. Cocherham JE McLain, JP, wit: JH Moody, Harrison Messer
11-28-1890 at Savannah Ts. James Sutton, 23 Nancy Green, 19 JL Buchanan, MG, wit: NJ Deitz, AB Ashe, AT Buchanan
2-2-1871 Jerome Sutton Sarah Ash EC Ash, JP
11-2-1871 John Sutton Harret Ash WC Berry, BM
2-23-1869 John Sutton Mary E. Cocherham EH Cagle, JP
12-3-1893 at Savannah Ts. John Sutton, 20 Leah Bryson, 18 WC Buchanan, JP, wit: Mitchel Cabe, Pink Tatham
8-19-1899 at Green's Creek John Sutton, 21 Smir Mason, 19 DH Ash, JP, wit: GF Crisp, JC Jones
6-30-1900 Julius Sutton, 20 Laura Leadford, 19 License not returned
8-7-1898 at Dillsboro Ts. J. C. Sutton, 18 Eugenie Fowler, 19 EB McDade, JP, wit: FW Bumgarner, AJ Dills
8-21-1898 at Harvey Cagle's Michael Sutton, 40 Cordelia Buchanan, 30 Thomas Queen, JP, wit: Coleman Cagle, James Sutton
12-21-1879 at Ruben Messer's Mitchall Sutton, 23 Mary Messer, 19 W Bumgarner, wit: AJ Parris, Rissea Sutton
2-19-1891 at Dillsboro Nelson Sutton, 23 Ella Childers, 20 JC Walker, JP, wit: JJ Mason, EP McDade
12-22-1895 at Dillsboro Ts. Phillip Sutton, 24 Cordelia Fowler, 22 WE Conner, BM, wit: GW Pangle, WT Queen
7-15-1887 "in tunnell" Russell Sutton, 36 Mary E. Pangle, 21 WA Dillw, JP, wit: SH Gossett, JB Young
10-24-1897 at AE Henry's R. R. Sutton, 22 Emma Henry, 18 JP Calhoun, JP, wit: WD Henry, RV Norman, AC Calhoun
11-30-1854 William Sutton Margaret Sutton Peter King, JP
5-12-1889 at Savannah Ts. William A. Sutton, 21 Linnie Keever, 21 WP Jones, JP, wit: JW Buchanan, GW Pangle, NLS
3-3-1881 at B Trantham's Wilson Sutton, 23 Elizabeth Franklin, 23 JE McLain, JP, wit: B Trantham
1-4-1893 at Savannah Ts. Wm. A. Sutton, 21 Lula Allison, 23 TF Deitz, MG, wit: HC Cannon, OW Allison