10-31-1878 at BN Queen's Askew C. Queen, 18 Darcus C. Wood, 20 JW Galloway, wit: JC Wood, WA Queen
11-8-1855 B. N. Queen Mary Carson Wm. R. Crawford, JP
1-30-1887 at TN Crawford's Ellis W. Queen, 24 Amy P. Ensley, 18 JR Crawford, JP, wit: JT Carson, Clingman Bryson
7-12-1878 George W. Queen, 20 Louisa R. West, 15 TJ Bryson, wit: Jeptha Queen, Manley Reece
7-15-1882 at Caney Fork Hampton Queen, 18 Martha J. Dawson, 18 BN Queen, BM, wit: Sylvester Melton, HR Queen
10-17-1870 Henry Queen Rebecca Ray AJ Hall, JP
9-25-1892 at Hamburg Ts. H. R. Queen, 23 Sallie Franks, 18 JL Owen, MG, wit: CL Harris, Luanna Wilson, JO Price
3-10-1874 at Benjamin Coward's James Queen, 19 Margaret Morris, 18 GW Hawkins, JP
10-4-1892 at Scotts Creek James Queen, 19 Alice Parris, 17 Henry D Welch, MG, wit: ZV Watson, RJ Crawford
12-20-1881 at Cinda Shelton's Jeptha Queen, 34 Lucinda Shelton, 34 Levi Brown, JP
10-25-1872 John Queen, 77 Frances Blackburn, 35 William C. Berry, MG
4-20-1879 at John Queen's John Queen, 30 Feba Leopard, 25 Tho. Bryson, wit: Nathan Queen, MM Queen
4-5-1885 at RH Stephens' John Queen, 31 V. Woods, 30 RH Stephens, JP, wit: CT Woods, DH Stephens
8-11-1881 at Mary Gunter's John B. Queen, 29 Margaret Gunter, 29 SR Cook, JP, wit: JR McKay, TJ Love
3-4-1873 at Charlotte Carson's Joseph Queen, 20 Jane Carson, 17 WR Crawford, BM, wit: WT Carson, GW Crawford
12-5-1899 at Scotts Creek J. B. Queen, 25 Mary J. Bryson, 16 SR Cook, P, wit: RR Fisher, Estice Bryson, JS Bryson
11-7-1886 at EMW Fortner's J. L. Queen, 21 Mary Ann Fortner, 18 BN Queen, BM wit: TH Fortner, SN Coward
12-12-1871 J. M. Queen M. M. Manous
10-8-1893 at Qualla Ts. Levi Queen (red), 23 Mary Washington (red), 15 JW Bird, MG, wit: WT Cook, CP Hipps, JE Bird
5-1-1854 Lewis Queen Lucinda Brown William Hooper, JP
6-2-1890 at Scotts Creek L. D. Queen, 29 M. E. Harris, 23 SR Cook, JP, wit: JR McKay, SD McKay
11-28-1897 at JA Melton's L. R. Queen, 22 M. M. Wood, 19 RR Coward, JP, wit: SC Wood, HM Parker, Jim Belt
5-25-1883 Marvin Queen, 22 Synthia S. Wood, 18 TJ Bryson, JP, wit: Miles, Wood, Robert Green
1-8-1874 at FJ Bryson's Nathan Queen, 33 Artie A. Bryson, 33 BN Queen, BM, wit: SL Parker, TJ Mathis
2-13-1898 at TH Queen's R. R. Queen, 22 Fannie Parker, 18 TJ Mathis, JP, wit: JR Dawson, JH Green
8-27-1878 Samuel Queen, 19 Sarah Fortner, 19 Tho. J Bryson, wit: EW Fortner, Geo. Parker
6-25-1881 at JW Bird's Samuel Queen, 22 Mattie Warren, 22 JW Bird, MM, wit: JE Rall, JW Stiles
8-11-1880 at John Cogdill's Samuel Queen, 21 Matilda Cogdill, 14 SR Cook, JP, wit: JR Queen, TJ Fisher
1-18-1894 at Webster S. I. M. Queen, 45 Jane Craigg, 23 AVP Bryson, JP, wit: HC McKee, JE McLain
1-11-1880 at John Lain's Thomas Queen, 24 Jane Sutton, 22 JS Keener, JP, wit: James Robison, Wm. Dills
12-22-1887 at Clayton Church Thomas Queen, 34 Margaret Parris, 26 AH Sims, MG, wit: TN Snider, JR Ensley
9-16-1874 at Wm. Ensley's Thomas H. Queen, 22 Elizabeth J. Ensley, 16 W Ensley, BM, wit: Wm. Ensley
11-1-1890 at Dillsboro Town T. C. Queen, 20 Harriett McCoy, 23 W Ensley, MG, wit: JB Clayton, G Cunningham
3-19-1899 at Henry Parker's Wilks Queen, 18 Sarah Parker, 18 John Stephens, JP, wit: EH Stephens, GL Cook, WD Mills
1-1-1878 at TG Fisher's William Queen, 30 Sarah A. Fisher, 19 W Ensley, BM, wit: SW Farmer, Thomas Montieth
11-3-1881 at AN Price's William A. Queen, 23 Viney Price, 21 SC Owens, MG, wit: James Wike, TD Wood
5-15-1869 William S. Queen, son of Sim & Nicy Queen Lucinda Hornbuckle, dau. Of Jefferson & Jane Hornbuckle James Mahoney, MG
8-5-1883 at John B Queen's Wilson E. Queen, 21 Amanda C. Queen, 18 JR Crawford, JP, wit: Wilson Snider, John B Queen
2-12-1893 at Savannah Ts. Silas Quilliam, 25 Drusey Mason, 19 JC Reed, JP, wit: DB Green, S Cunningham, Jno. Lewis