10-3-1897 at Qualla Ts. J. R. Macerrory, 29 Julia Kerkindoll, 19 JW Bowman, MMECS, wit: Lee J Hall, JJ Kerkindoll
11-11-1900 at bride's fathers J. B. Madford, 40 he from Haywood Co, NC Sallie Long, 30 Robt. S Howell, MM, wit: WE Tustin, WD Frizzell, CC Love
2-21-1889 Boleon Madison, 21 Mamie Jarrett NOT executed
11-25-1891 at Cullowehh R. L. Madison, 25 Ella V. Richards, 25 she from Elizabeth, NJ William S Barrows, MG, wit: TA Cox, Cora K Cox, ME Cox
1-8-1871 W. A. Marion Nancy A. Chambers WB Garrett, JP
12-16-1894 at Scotts Creek John Marr, 23 he from Swain Co, NC Fannie Bryson, 16 WW Reed, BM wit: AC Bryson, SS Cook
8-16-1891 at Qualla Ts. D. A. Martin, 25 America Edwards, 21 JW Bird, MG, wit: WH Enloe, CC Martin, CSW Martin
12-8-1894 at Luther Green's H. Z. Martin, 18 Maggie Green, 16 CS Buchanan, BM, wit: JR Pickens, Lee Green
2-7-1892 at Qualla Ts. J. E. Martin, 28 Mary Laney, 19 JW Bird, MG, wit: JM Martin, JE Bird, W Laney
7-12-1860 John H. Martin Hette E. Barker JL Buchanan, JP
8-14-1881 at Ervin Brown's John M. Martin, 29 Mary L. Brown, 19 WA Brown, JP, wit: John Ash, James Davis
9-12-1900 William Martin (col), 21 Queen Victoria Bolt (col)18 License not returned
12-?-1869 John A. Marshall S. J. Wilson JL Buchanan, MG
2-4-1863 Mathaw Mashburn Elizabeth Wilson ED Brendle, Elder
4-24-1898 at Canada Ts. J. C. Masengale, 20 Crecia Ellen Crawford, 19 BN Queen, BM, wit: LW Hooper, WL Foriner, HR Queen
4-10-1898 at Canada Ts. Nick Masengale, 24 Arlene Mathis, 19 TJ Mathis, JP, wit: SA Hamilton, Mary A Mathis
5-15-1895 at Dillsboro Thomas H. Mashburne, 29 he from Macon Co, NC P. Mellie Sherrill, 28 AW Jacobs, MG, wit: JB Sherrill, CT Chace
12-24-1877 at EW Fortner's Daniel Masingale, 21 Sarah Adams, 18 Thos. J Bryson, wit: Thos. Brown, John Queen
4-8-1894 at Savannah J. M. Mason, 22 Martha C. Frady, 18 WA Sutton, JP, wit: WG Brooks, W Barker, M Barker
8-12-1869 William Mason Sarah Smallwood WM Roberts, MG
5-14-1899 at "my own house" Wm. P. Mason, 50 Florence Waldroup, 25 JL Buchanan, BM, wit: TF Buchanan, WC Buchanan
6-3-1894 at River Ts. William Massey, 20 Cloe Daves, 21 AC Queen, MG, wit: JB Wood
7-28-1891 at Canada Ts. John Massengill, 21 Drucilla Hamilton, 18 MC Warlick, MG, wit: J Huffman, DW Massengill
12-5-1856 David Massingill Jane Parker BN Queen, BM
1-11-1889 at Caney Fork Dred Massingell, 20 Mary Hughes, 18 MC Warlick, Min, wit: Elie Watson, John Massingell
10-24-1861 Robert Massingal Milly Willson Wm. Wilson, JP
7-3-1864 Aaron Mathis Sarah Cope WH Conner, Elder
6-2-1869 Andrew J. Mathis, he son of James & Arty Mathis Susan Turner, she dau. Of Pick Turner, mother unknown Thos. Wilson, JP
2-14-1869 A. J. Mathis Mary S. Huffman Levi Brown, JP
10-27-1884 at EW Fortner's Benjamin Mathis, 18 Kate Broom, 18 BN Queen, BM, wit: EW Fortner, SH Parker
1-9-1898 at TJ Mathis' Coleman Mathis, 20 Juda Parker, 18 TJ Mathis, JP, Wit: RB Mathis, LJ Mathis, Mary A Mathis
112-19-1896 at Scotts Creek D. A. Mathis, 22 Belle Norman, 18 WE Bryson, JP, wit: Jw Mathis, IH Terry, Sam Cogdill
10-27-1872 "on the highway" George Mathis, 26 Elizabeth Fox, 22 DD Davis, JP, wit: Jerry Wike, Mary Wike
7-31-1898 at the school house Hardie Mthis, 21 Lola Spencer, 18 TC Jones, JP, wit: Baxter Nations, GT Owenby
10-10-1863 Hugh Mathis Melinda Crawford Wm. Wilson, JP
1-31-1855 Jackson Mathis Lucinda Crawford J Wike, JP
2-8-1871 James Mathis Rebecca Mathis WC Berry, Min.
2-21-1881 at Hasltine Mathis' James Mathis, 70 Sarah Chapman, 30 Wm. Wilson, JP, wit: Phillip Dills, Sarah Mathis
1-15-1888 at Wm. Hall's James Mathis, 21 Mary Hall, 22 SR Cook, JP, wit: JB Miller, Wm. Mathis
2-23-1862 James A. Mathis Lucinda Graham Wm. Wilson, JP
9-24-1899 at Mary J Baley's James W. Mathis, 31 Mary J. Baley, 35 WP Calhoun, JP, wit: MD Terry, AC Calhoun, Addie Cope
10-29-1892 at River Ts. Jeff Mathis, 35 Lizzie Brown AC Queen, MG, wit: RL Cabe, AB Snider, JO Brown
2-27-1861 Jessee Mathis Margret Mathis Wm. Wilson, JP
2-2-1890 at Scotts Creek John E. Mathis, 20 Susan E. Fisher, 18 JR McKay, JP, wit: WE Bryson, AC Bryson, WA McKay
2-20-1887 at EJ Huffman's Joseph F. Mathis, 20 Rebecca Ashe, 24 WA Queen, JP, wit: SM Parker, HR Queen
3-20-1881 at DD Davis' J. D. Mathis, 22 Sallie Daves, 22 DD Davis, JP, wit: RL Davis, MD Grible
6-26-1901 J. Hardy Mathis, 22 Annie Webb, 20 License not returned
10-8-1893 at Canada Ts. J. H. Mathis, 21 Callie Bryson, 16 JC Wood, JP, wit: JP Boon, DH Mathis, HM Parker
10-25-1896 at Mountain Ts. Mat Mathis, 48 Lish Coggins, 19 IS Leopard, JP, wit: ML Coggins, IM Brown, AF Bryson
6-30-1895 at Canada Ts. Merrit R. Mathis, 24 Victory M. Phillips, 21 JJ Owen, BM, wit: AH Queen, WL Fortner, WV Mathis
9-6-1883 at Reg Office Patrick Mathis, 30 he from Sevier Co, Tenn Elizabeth Garret, 18 she from Macon Co, NC WP Allman, wit: AJ Long Jr, WP Allman
11-?-1871 Peter Mathis Nancy Morton AD Hooper, JP
9-13-1896 at Caney Fork R. B. Mathis, 22 Hester Parker, 18 FR Huffman, JP, wit: HB Wood, GC Mathis
1-15-1876 at James Mathis' Rufus M. Mathis, 24 Rachel L. Deitz, 22 DD Davis, JP, wit: R Bryson, Ben D Davies
4-6-1884 at WP Mills' Thomas Mathis, 19 Sarah E. Miller, 18 SR Cook, JP, wit: RL Cook, LD Queen
11-24-1895 at Canada Ts. Thomas J. Mathis, 60 Mary Ann Dawson, 30 JC Wood, JP, wit: TS Fortner, WL Fortner, HM Parker
8-9-1860 T. J. Mathis M. T. Parker J. Wike, JP
11-22-1895 at Canada T. M. Mathis, 25 Polly Ann Sutton, 23 JC Wood, JP, wit: SE Shelton, FS Jones
1-23-1887 at Ed Dills' William L. Mathis, 19 Emmer Brown, 18 John H Mathis, JP, wit: DH Mathis, TM Brown
5-19-1882 at TJ Bryson's William T. Mathis, 21 Lucy C. Russell, 24 TJ Bryson, JP, wit: MO Brown, HS Cope
6-26-1892 at Canada Ts. W. M. Mathis, 23 Jane Owen, 19 JC Wood, JP, wit: MR Mathis, WL Fortner, RC Owen
3-17-1889 at Webster Ts. W. A. Mauna, 23 he from Buncombe Co, NC Eliza Jane West, 24 JC Watkins, JP, wit: Sam Bryson, JH House
4-6-1884 at AW Zachary's Joseph A. Maw, 36 he from Pickens Co, SC Ida Zachary, 19 CB Fugate, MG, wit: WD Adams, TM Holms
8-15-1895 at Sylva Ed McBride, 32 he from Haywood Co, NC  Nancy Parker, 21 JR Crawford, JP, wit: CB Jones
4-29-1900 at James Chastain's Daniel M. McCall, 38 he from Transylvania Co, NC Mary Chastain, 23 JR Stephens, JP, wit: JH Morris, JB Coward, E Coward
11-18-1866 James McCall Margaret Jackson J Wike, JP
4-6-1899 at BJ Moody's James McCall, 29 Rosana Moody, 23 JC Henderson, JP, wit: JM Moss, Will Nicholson
7-1-1888 at JR Buchanan's Silas McCall, 21 Emma Buchanan, 19 JL Owens, MG, wit: AJ Montieth, WR Owens
11-27-1895 at Canada W. M. McCall, 21 he from Transylvania Co, NC S. M. Owens, 18 JH Owens, MG, wit: James Pylande, WE McCall
12-25-1868 A. L. McClendone Lora B. Enloe WH Conner
11-30-1890 at Scotts Creek James McClure, 20 he from Haywood Co, NC Mary Moody, 18 she from Haywood Co, NC HM Bright, JP, wit: JP Davis, JS Mehaffee, JS McClure
11-31-1855 Rolen McClure Maegaret M. Brown Wm. R. Crawford, JP
5-2-1889 at Webster Rolen McClure, 57 he from Haywood Co, NC Mrs. Sarah J. Barker AB Henson, BM, wit: Wm. Bumgarner, LW Cogdill
12-24-1889 at Webster, Ts. George W. McConnell, 28 Sallie Keener, 19 JO Shelly, MG, wit: JJ Hooper, M Buchanan
3-2-1869 John L. McCoy, she son of John & Nancy McCoy ? Gipson, she dau. Of Henry & Elizabeth Gipson LG Ward, JP
10-20-1877 at Margaret Potts' Clarke W. McDade, 24 Callie E. Potts, 23 JE McLean, wit: JL Potts, GP Brown
3-24-1889 at Dillsboro Ts. EB McDade, 23 Maud M. Slatton, 14 JC Watkins, JP, wit: CM McDade, JW Phillips
6-18-1887 "in Tunnell" W. H. McDade, 22 Mary Farley, 19 JC Watkins, JP, wit: WA Dills, CW McDade
7-6-1890 at Qualla Ts. H. B. McDaniel, 19 Elvira Bryson, 17 PF McLain, MG, wit: GW Montieth, Fate Bryson
4-26-1896 at Cullowhee Ts. W. R. McDaniel (col), 27 Julia Brown (col), 25 AB Thomas, BM, wit: AW Davis, JR Bryson, SR Edwards
10-15-1891 at Cullowhee Ts. W. R. McDonald (col), 24 M. C. Brown (col), 17 DD Davis, JP, wit: TW Davis, ML Sensabaugh
11-11-1900 "in state road" Hesikiah McDonnell, 23 Minnie Parton, 18 Thomas H Queen, BM, wit: WI Bishop, John Warren
3-9-1862 James McDowel Dovey Stillwell JB Sherrill, JP
8-11-1872 Louallen McDowell Rachel Allison JM Candler, JP
7-25-1897 at Webster J. R. S. McDowell (col), 21 Maggie Hooper (col), 19 JW Cowan, JP, wit: Coleman Cowan, LD Cowan
8-26-1901 G. A. McFalls, 25 Alice Sutton, 25 License not returned
9-26-1900 at Webster Green Lee McFalls, 21 Emma Church, 19 Nathan Coward, JP, wit: Jess Bryson, AW Davis
5-5-1895 at Qualla Ts. G. A. McFalls, 19 Mary Carver, 16 RL Hyatt, JP, wit: DW Carver, David McFalls, D. Seller
6-24-1898 at Mr. Mashburn's W. L. McFalls, 21 Emma Angel, 22 JW Cowan, JP, wit: AM Frady, SE Grant, EH Loudermilk
12-27-1896 at Cullowhee Ts. William M. McFee, 23 Flora Bryson, 19 JE Sitton, JP, wit: JZ Nicholson, CV Bryson
10-20-1854 Martin McGruter Malissa McFalls Allen Fisher, JP
2-1-1881 at Drucilla Norton's Samuel L. McGuire, 28 Mercella Norton, 26 CG Fugate, MG, wit: RA Jacobs, David Norton
4-17-1888 at PJ Crawford's Jessee R. McKay, 46 Laura B. Crawford, 22 GW Crawford, MG, wit: HJ Barnes, JB Hall
7-23-1870 J. R. McKay Mary Gunter AJ Hall, JP
6-13-1891 at Scotts Creek R. H. McKay, 20 N. M. Cogdill, 16 SR Cook, JP, wit: JB Cogdill, GW Gunter, SL Cook
9-7-1897 at Dillsboro Ernest Lyndon McKee, 25 Mattie Moody, 25 JJ Gray, MM, wit: JW McKee, WA Enloe, Lillie Enloe
7-19-1891 at Webser Ts. H. C. McKee, 27 Mattie McLain, 18 BG Wilds, Min.MECS, wit: JM Worley, TB Cowan (x), RB Cowan
3-23-1899 at Sylva J. W. McKee, 29 Carrie Bryson, 20 WV Honneycutt, MMECS, wit: JW Divelbliss, Mrs. Buchanan
2-14-1866 John E. McLain Ann C. Allison GW Spake, Rev.
6-30-1900 Wade A. McLaughlin, 25 Edith Hipps, 24 EH Hampton, MMECS, wit: Ony Hyatt, Lee Hall Robert Hall
7-20-1890 at Qualla Ts. William H. McLean, 21 he from Swain Co, NC Maggie Cooper, 18 she from Swain Co, NC PP McLean, MG, wit: GW Montieth, JU Gibbs
6-6-1897 at JH Owens' W. S. McLean, 33 Nellie Bracken, 22 JH Owens, MG, wit: JH Owen, WE Owen, JD Hamilton
9-17-1879 at Stephen McMahan's Alfred M. McMahan, 19 Blanch L. McMahan, 18 EC Ash, wit: ML Frady, Jasper A. Dills
12-20-1895 at Savannah Arch McMahan, 21 Docia Beasley, 18 CS Buchanan, MB, wit: WF Green, PH Green, MA Green
6-5-1890 at Savannah Ts. Curtis McMahan, 21 Emma J. Morgan, 22 JL Buchanan, MG, wit: JC Buchanan, Jo. Allison
8-17-1901 Curtis McMahan, 34 Laura Thompson, 36 License not returned
9-11-1892 at Qualla Ts. Gates McMahan Laura McGee, 18 JW Bird, MG, wit: IL McGee, Sarah McGee, MT Stanford
7-29-1866 G. N. McMahan Clora Trantham EC Ash, JP
7-29-1866 G. N. McMahan Sarah Trantham EC Ash, JP
4-5-1866 John McMahan Rutha Jones Sol. Messer, JP
9-22-1890 at Dillsboro Ts. Levi McMahan, 57 Lucy Ann Sutton, 38 AB Thomas, MG, wit: JM Phillips, EB McDade, SR Davis
8-6-1877 at "RR Crossing" Levi M. McMahan, 21 Rebecca Parton, 18 WP Jones, JP, wit: JB Raby, CL Jones
7-25-1897 at Barker Creek L. M. McMahan, 30 Collie Turpin, 25 TC Jones, JP, wit: JB Elders, Samuel Jones, MC Jones
2-29-1894 at Barker Creek L. R. McMahan, 24 Allie F. Wilke, 18 JF Brown, JP, wit: SC Franklin, JA Messer, RL Elders
3-29-1881 "on top of Mack Mt." Riley McMahan, 21 Mary Partin, 19 JE McLain, JP, wit: Russell Sutton, H Partin
3-3-1890 at Savannah Ts. Robert McMahan, 21 Della Burgess, 18 HC Cannon, JP, wit: Thos. McMahan, Thos. Bradley
2-15-1882 at DH Ash's Thomas McMahan, 21 Margaret McMahan, 18 DH Ash, JP, wit: Nathan M Ash, LM Ash
2-17-1892 at Savannah Warren McMahan, 22 Josephine Green, 28 CS Buchanan, MB, wit: AB Ashe, WA Green
8-7-1874 at JL Buchanan's William C. McMahan, 20 Clerisa Sutton, 20 JL Buchanan, MG, wit: John Bradley, Mitchell Sutton
2-19-1877 at Alfred McMahan's W. A. McMahan, 24 Menervia Sutton, 24 EC Ash, JP, wit: A Sutton, Wm. Sutton
1-23-1896 at Caney Fork Ansel Medford, 26 Diana Melton, 19 WA Brown, JP, wit: L Mull, A Henson, MJ Zachary
12-24-1891 at Barker Creek H. C. Medford, 22 he from Haywood Co, NC Josie King, 26 TM Frizzell, JP, wit: JM Worley, WD Hill
11-25-1900 at Ellen Robinson's Samuel Medford, 25 May Bell Robinson, 17 JR Crawford, JP, wit: Samuel Franklin, Joseph Robinson
2-9-1864  David Meek Margret Shular ITS Sherrill, Elder
10-10-1870 James Mehaffie Mary Jane Moffit Levi Brown, JP
3-9-1876 at SN Wood's Granvill Melton, 21 Synthia Mills, 18 LW Hooper, BM, wit: GW Hawkins, John Lowe
12-20-1883 at JW Shelton's Houston Melton, 20 Sarah E. Shelton, 17 BN Queen, BM, wit: JN Ash, WJ Mills
11-10-1898 at RM Hawkins' Sylvester Melton, 20 Belle Hawkins, 27 RL Phillips, JP, wit: James Henson, Vance Hooper
11-3-1881 at B. Mull's Sylvester Melton, 21 Mary E. Mull, 19 she from Haywood Co, NC BN Queen, BM, wit: RE Medford, WD Parker
9-7-1898 at Pres. Church W. K. Merrick, 29 Mamie Allen, 22 A. Walker White, Pres Min, wit: WL Dewitt, SW Enloe
5-29-1897 at GW Shuler's Coleman Messer, 20 Melvina Shular, 20 Wm. Bumgarner, JP, wit: Hershel Candler, Will Ward
8-20-1900 at Sylva Ts. Dock Messer, 21 Etta Snider, 18 RA Painter, JP, wit: SC Russell, Russell Painter
2-8-1881 at Mitchell Sutton's Graham Messer, 21 Matilda McMahan, 21 DH Ash, JP, wit: Russell Sutton, Anderson Sutton
10-13-1887 at HP Bugpole's sawmill Harrison Messer, 30 Laura Gunter, 21 JC Watkins, JP, wit: TA Carpenter
2-3-1889 at Qualla Town James Messer, 20 Elizabeth Ward, 18 SJ Beck, JP, wit: GB Davis, AL Beck, LL Reid
11-23-1884 at Wilson Ensley's John Messer, 21 Dollie Sutton, 18 Wilson Ensley, MG, wit: RA McMahan, WS McMahan
12-24-1889 at Dillsboro Ts. John Messer, 22 Emma Kimsey, 23 AB Thomas, MG, wit: MH Morris, Mary Long
4-6-1893 at Barker Creek J. F. Messer, 21 Neely E. Wikle, 18 JF Brown, JP, wit: AP Jones, WW Jones, RL Elders
9-14-1873 at Jamison Hall's Levi Messer, 22 Margaret Cunningham, 18 JL Buchanan, BM, wit: M Buchanan, Jamison Hall
3-3-1881 at Burton Jones' Robert Messer, 22 Nancy Parton, 18 JE McLain, JP, wit: Henry Parton, Russell Sutton
5-31-1869 Solomon Messer Sarah Guillioms EH Cagle, JP
2-20-1890 at Barker Creek William Messer, 18 Ella Bradley, 18 WP Jones, JP, wit: JH Bradley, JA Nations
12-8-1898 at Rebecca Roger's W. R. Messer, 29 he from Buncombe Co, NC Lula Rogers, 29 WV Honeycutt, Meth Min, wit: WF Berry, WF Holden
4-22-1880 at CA Ash's James Middleton, 22 G. J. Ash, 15 SC Owens, MG, wit: John Middleton, David Middleton
9-20-1873 at James S Shook's James Middleton, 23 Arleasa Shook AC Queen, BM, wit: JH Middleton, FM Ashe, TW Hooper
9-1-1873 John Middleton Cloe Chastain Lewis Queen, MG
9-4-1900 R. L. Middleton, 23 Lula Ashe, 18 License not returned
4-30-1891 at Caney Fork W. N. Middleton, 20 N. A. Long, 18 AC Queen, MG, wit: Aron Hooper,, H Stephens
10-16-1899 W. W. Middleton Cordelia Shook, 18 License not returned
9-12-1895 at Barker Creek Charles H. Miller, 23 Hattie Jones, 21 JB Raby, JP, wit: WE Benjamin, RL Jerris
4-28-1898 at JJ Moody's C. E. Miller, 21 Fannie Moody, 18 W. E. Conner, BM, wit: ST Moody, DH Snider, WJ Fisher
1-20-1862 David T. Miller Ruthy Mills Willson Ensley, JP
10-16-1879 at Virgie Bryson's Jacob Miller (col), 25 Ann Coleman (col) 22 EP Stillwell, JP, wit: Samuel Hix, Wm. Messer
10-3-1880 at JB Raby's John Miller, 21 Kittie Jemson, 20 JB Raby, JP, wit: JE Angel
4-12-1891 at Dillsboro Ts. John B. Miller, 29 A. E. Parris, 20 ST Ensley, JP, wit: JP Calhoun, VR Henson
11-12-1891 at Hamburg Ts. J. R. Miller, 35 he from Transylvania Co, NC S. E. Miller, 19 she from Macon Co, NC JM Wilson, JP, wit: RD Morgan, DA Watson
3-2-1880 at JW Bird's Wesley W. Miller, 20 Mary W. Morris, 20 JW Bird, MG, wit: JF Enloe, BC Fisher
12-1-1889 at Cullowhee Ts. W. J. Miller, 23 Sallie Viola Rogers, 19 JA Wild, JP, wit: JH Bryson, Sadie Brown
8-16-1860 W. L. Miller Martha Ann Clayton A Fisher, JP
5-2-1874 at A Montieth's Allen Mills, 22 Martha Sparks, 18 JC Watkins, JP, wit: John Cope, JC Fisher
12-25-1887 at JM Sutton's Clingman Mills, 22 Ida Sutton, 19 AJ Hall, JP, wit: JE Ensley, WE Bryson
1-21-1900 at AB Henson's Davis Mills, 21 Carisus Mills, 18 AB Henson, BM, wit: JW Henry, CM Henry, E Watkins
8-18-1899 "in the road" George Mills, 19 Ida Gunter, 21 AB Henson, BM, wit: WD Mills, JW Mills, HR Crawford
12-4-1879 at Mary Wood's Isaac J. Mills, 38 Syntha Wood, 21 RH Stephens, wit: James Beard, SN Wood
8-30-1865 I. J. Mills Jane Wyatt WR Crawford, Elder
3-6-1870 James Mills Rachael Crawford JH Hall, JP
9-30-1883 at WV Farley's J. B. Mills, 22 Virginia Farley, 16 SR Cook, wit: DJ Clayton, TB Leatherwood
8-15-1889 at Cullowhee J. W. Mills, 21 Maggie J. Bryson, 20 Rev. Chas. L. Hoffman, Wit: DD Davis, Kate E Davis
11-27-1900 at JP Calhoun's Liston Mills, 24 Mattie Crawford, 19 JP Calhoun, JP, wit: JC Mills, Davis Mills, MJ Calhoun
5-5-1881 at SR Cook's Reubin Mills, 20 Mary Woodruff, 20 SR Cook, JP, wit: Hanry Robison, John Robison
12-24-1899 at Henry Ensley's Robert Mills, 21 Cora Ensley, 19 RA Painter, JP, wit: DL Ensley, HW Watson, SR Brooks
11-30-1879 at SH Bryson's Ruben Mills, 21 Jane Woodruff, 20 SH Bryson, wit: WP Gunter, WP Duncan
1-18-1900 at Cornelius Henry's Rufus Mills, 22 Ellen Henry, 17 AB Henson, BM wit: JW Henry, CM Henry, JE Henson
4-27-1899 Samuel Mills, 25 Eda Bryson, 17 License not returned
1-28-1891 at Sylva Ts. Samuel Mills, 47 M. M. Crawford, 26 SR Cook, JP, wit: Allen Mills, John Warren, Samuel Parris
11-28-1883 at MB Wood's Samuel Mills, 20 Julia S. Wood, 22 AJ Hall, JP, wit: SN Wood, LM Wood
11-6-1870 Samuel S. Mills Sarch C. Darosey ED Brendle, Elder
9-19-1880 at WY Mills' Thadous B. Mills, 20 Artie C. Miller, 18 SH Bryson, JP, wit: John Dills, JB Miller
4-3-1873 at John Cope's Wilburn Mills, 19 Nancy Brooks, 22 W Ensley, BM
10-12-1898 at Scotts Creek Wilburn Mills, 45 Melanie Henry, 26 JP Calhoun, JP, wit: SB Mills, RR Sutton, JA Melton
10-1-1876 at WB Love's William T. Mills, 22 Sarah Pruitt, 21 DG Fisher, wit: WB Love, RJ Bryson
10-21-1897 at Sam Monteith's W. A. Mills, 22 Juda Montieth, 17 JB Ensley, JP, wit: Miles Parker, Daniel Bryson
8-8-1893 at Cashier Valley W. T. Mills, 37 Agigil Watkins, 26 John A. Hooper, JP, wit: TL Mills, SL Mills, Geo. Pruitt
1-6-1868 Z. T. Mills Rebecca Norris AH Hall, JP
9-18-1853 F. M. Milsaps F. M. Hyde M Coleman, JP
11-8-1894 at Webster J. H. Mincy he from Macon Co, NC Sallie M. Bryson TB McCurdy, MG, wit: JW Fisher, Jas. D Bryson, David Hall
9-25-1898 at Clark Turk's Charles Mingus (col), 21 Alice Turn (col), 21 JC Love, Bap Min., wit: Mariah Love, TB Hobkett
10-1870 Daniel Mingus Sarah Pinion WH Conner, Elder
7-9-1901 L. F. Mitchell, 24 Maggie Clayton, 25 License not returned
6-12-1898 at James Taylor's P. W. Mitchell, 48 Mattie M. Taylor, 24 JB Ensley, JP, wit: AS Bryson, Paula Fowler
12-25-1895 at Sylva Ts. W. M. Mitchell, 24 Ida Harris, 16 JB Ensley, JP, wit: TC Fullbright, DG Bryson
7-3-1884 at Martha Akin's Baxton Moffit, 24 Jane Queen, 18 JB Coward, JP, wit: HR Parker, Martha Akin
9-24-1879 D. C. Moffit Margaret Mahaffie Levi Brown, JP
3-4-1900 at Ben Sanders' Freeman Moffit, 21 Lona Sanders, 17 AB Henson, BM, wit: Jacob Davis, JL Ballard, SH McNealy
1-28-1883 at Benj. Coward's Houston Moffit, 24 Mary Coward, 24 RH Stephens, JP, wit: Thomas Hooper, Elihu Coward
10-3-1891 at Caney Fork H. B. Moffit, 30 S. L. E. Thompson, 16 GW Hawkins, JP, wit: JE Hawkins, JT Henson, DH Wood
9-27-1875 at AJ Mathis' Robert M. Moffit, 19 Mardinia Huffman, 16 John H Mathis, JP, wit: AW Cathey, AJ Mathis
10-5-1879 at Wm. B Morris' Pleasant Monday, 26 Nancy E. Mann, 26 John S. Keener, wit: WN Baker, James Parris
5-20-1877 at DG Fisher's Spence Montgomery (col), 20 Lula E. Bobo (col), 22 DG Fisher, JP, wit: E Fisher
12-23-1888 at Hamburg A. J. Montieth, 26 Mary Taylor, 19 JL Owens, MG, wit: Wm. R Owens, Dora L Taylor
9-13-1877 at Thadeus Beard's David E. Montieth, 22 Arry Ensley, 20 ED Brendle, BM, wit: T Beard, Samuel Montieth
11-9-1876 at Nathan Allen's George Montieth, 30 Roxie Allen, 24 JB Allison, JP, wit: TB Allison
3-30-1856 Heron Montieth Elimna Wilson Peter King, JP
10-28-1875 at Laborn Deitz's Hiram Montieth he from Haywood Co, NC Talitha Deitz GW Spake, MM, wit: LF Deitz, Ninian Bryson
9-27-1865 James A. Montieth M. M. Gipson JH Harris, Elder
12-17-1893 at Webster John Montieth, 31 Sarah Frizzell, 22 JE Moss, JP, wit: WE Moore, Jeob Wild, JC Buchanan
3-22-1864 John A. Montieth S. A. Brendle A. Mingus, JP
4-13-1889 at Cullowhee Lucius Montieth, 19 S. A. Pressly, 30 WC Norton, JP, wit; RA Painter
3-1-1883 at JK Hall's N. E. Montieth, 22 Thurisa C. Buchanan, 22 JG Ammons, MG, wit: Oat Allison, GD Hall
11-14-1887 at TJ Fisher's Samuel H. Montieth, 23 Ida C. Fisher, 18 JW Fisher, JP, wit: Howard Fisher, WD Montieth
2-20-1881 at WB Allen's Samuel L. Montieth, 27 Catherine Smith, 27 W. Ensley, MG, wit: HA Long, WB Allen
10-7-1878 at Thad Beard's Samuel W. Montieth, 23 Fannie C. Ensley, 17 ED Brendle, BM, wit: Thadeus Beard, Benjamin Harris
10-26-1875 at JS Queen's Thomas Montieth, 28 Maranda P. Queen, 19 W Ensley, MG, wit: WHT Dillard, Hicks Montieth
3-19-1876 at ME Love's Thomas S. Montieth, 27 Marry E. Burris, 20 GW Spake, MM, wit: CC Love, Wm. Love
1-15-1885 at TW Jemison's William Montieth, 25 Sarah Jemison, 18 WH Hooper, JP, wit: AH Wilson, DB Jemison
9-14-1871 W. T. Montieth M. A. Quen ED Brendle, Elder
4-22-1894 at Barker Creek Clarence Moody, 20 Martha Fisher, 19 JF Painter, MG
?- 1862 Daniel Moody Nancy A. Slatton
? -1862 Frances Moody Emmy Zachary
1-?-1889 at Hamburg Ts. Francis Moody, 24 Mary Leopard, 22 John P Stewart, JP, wit: JL Leopard, John Bumgarner
12-17-1868 H. L. Moody Cordelia Hyatt WH Conner, Elder
12-10-1899 at NM Jenning's J. Martain Moody, 25 Ellen B. Jennings, 19 JC Henderson, JP, wit: JA Moody, HR Queen, JF McCall
1-12-1869 John H. Moody Manda M. Davis GW Spake, MM
11-26-1895 at Barker Creek John H. Moody, 59 R. A. Enloe, 57 SC Allison, JP, wit: CW Allison, John Martin
9-28-1885 "in the road" John T. Moody, 22 Emma Wike, 24 AD Hooper, JP, wit: JR Stewart, TV Henderson
11-13-1884 at John Brown's Joseph H. Moody, 45 Sarah Brown, 38 Wilson Brown, wit: Rufus Fisher, Joseph House
1-16-1898 at River Ts. Vest Moody, 21 Bessie Conner, 18 VF Brown, JP, wit: Baxter Hooper, PF Webster, JM Davis
1-8-1891 at Hamburg Ts. W. R. Moody, 21 Josephine Leopard, 16 John P Stewart, JP, wit: WF Moody, JS Leopard
8-28-1890 at Scotts Creek C. G. Moon, 35 Matilda Henry, 16 AJ Hall, JP, wit: JB Hall, DC Henry, DM Hall
1-21-1858 J. A. Moon E. P. Parker J. Wike, JP
1-28-1874 Andrew J. Moore, 24 Milley M. Miller, 19 GW Hawkins, JP
11-25-1879 at M Worley's Bale Moore (col), 23 Millie Allen (col), 20 RM Worley, wit: Cudge Thomas, James Thomas
1-8-1891 at Webster Ts. Bale Moore (col), 37 Hattie McDowell (col), 18 BG Wild, MG, wit: Andy Coward, Frank Love, Wm Casey
9-19-1880 at R Bryson's David V. Moore, 24 Mary Buchanan, 18 Wm. Wilson, JP, wit: NJ Adams, Artie Tatham
11-27-1895 at Dillsboro Fred Moore, 26 he from Buncombe Co, NC Lela Enloe, 24 DH Coman, MMECS, wit: CA Moore, Minnie Dills, FL Siler
1-11-1888 at Ruth Shular's James Moore, 42 Ruth A. Shular, 35 James T. Cathey, JP, wit: WA Queen, AW Parker
2-5-1888 at Caney Fork Jerry Moore, 32 Maggie Crumpton, 26 LW Hooper, MG, wit: TL Hooper, JC More
5-4-1888 at Joseph Hughes' Jorden Moore, 34 Julia Hawkins, 18 EA Cook, JP, wit: EL Watson, SV Jones
2-12-1893 at Scotts Creek J. L. Moore, 31 Emma Hoyle, 20 Joseph Hoyle, JP, wit: JL Ballard, WHT Dillard
12-24-1899 at MG Pannell's Lon Moore, 19 he from Macon Co, NC Maggie Pannell, 24 JR Crawford, JP, wit: RL Cook, John Clayton
5-23-1897 at Webster Ts L. A. Moore, 26 he from Macon Co, NC Rebecca Styles, 20 JD Sitton, JP, wit: WM Atkin, JH Robison
5-28-1882 at RA Enloe's Rufus Moore, 21 he from Macon Co, NC Belle Enloe, 21 GW Spake, MM, wit: JS Keener, GB Cooper
1-10-1883 at WA Enloe's Walter E. Moore, 26 Laura R. Enloe, 17 RA Owens, MG, wit: AB Allison, JW Terrell
11-16-1873 at MB Wood's William Moore Mary Cordelle, 26 William H Thomas, JP, wit: Mary Wright, JR Reed
10-9-1863 Sam More Margaret Wilson WH Buchanan, JP
12-16-1899 at John Dietz's John S. Morgan, 20 Myrah Deitz, 18 WC Buchanan, JP, wit: RL Cunningham, RJ Morgan
9-8-1881 at Silas Green's Philip Morgan, 18 Jane Green, 18 DH Ash, JP, wit: GW Green, Wm. Trantham
11-22-1888 at Savannah Ts. Robert Morgan, 21 Laura Cope, 19 EC Ash, JP, wit: AB Ash, RL Pangle, Andrew Sutton
12-18-1898 at "my own house" William Morgan, 23 Annah Barnes, 18 JL Buchanan, BM, wit: John Allison, Candler Sutton
1-5-1873 at Elizabeth Chastine's James Morris, 24 Sarah Chastine, 18 RH Stephens, JP
1-1-1890 at Dillsboro Ts. M. H. Morris, 27 Mary J. Long, 20 JO Shelly, MG, wit: OB Coward, C Buchanan
12-27-1899 at WJ Parker's W. B. Morris, 23 Arrilla Parker, 25 JR Stephens, JP, wit: LN Stephens, JE Long
1-6-1876 at Jonathan Herren's George W. Morrison, 36 Malovina Davis, 21 Wm. Bumgarner, JP, wit: J Herren, GC Davis
7-14-1883 at Samuel Hooper's John Morrison, 21 Eva Hooper, 22 WH Hooper, JP, wit: Henry Hooper, Pinkney Hooper
3-2-1889 at Scotts Creek A. B. Morrow, 22 Mary A. H. Smathers, 19 GW Crawford, BM, wit: BR Henson, TC Bryson, N Bryson
3-22-1871 A. J. Morson Elmira Stiles Wm. R. Crawford
4-5-1885 at W. Ensley's John Morton (col), 31 Ellen Clayton (col), 25 WA Dills, JP, wit: HR Snider, JM Scott
11-3-1895 at River Ts. O. D. Moses, 21 Isabella Parker, 19 JN Wilson, JP, wit: JW Hooper, Viola Brown, SB Parker
12-25-1863 Hosea Moses Mary E. Jones ED Brendle, Elder
6-27-1886 at MM Brown's Larkin J. Moses, 21 he from Macon Co, NC Laura L. Brown, 20 BN Queen, BM, wit: VF Brown, HA Brown
10-17-1889 at Webster Ts. Albert S. Moss, 25 Jennie Bryson, 18 BG Wild, MG, wit: HC McKee, LL Leatherwood, May Leatherwood
4-14-1895 at Mountain Ts. E. M. Moss, 21 S. T. Pierson, 19 RH Stewart, JP, wit: B. M. Peek, G. B. Gumgarner
4-29-1875 at Hugh Bryson's James E. Moss, 32 Addie Rogers, 18 JA Moore, JP, wit: JM Hooper, Hix Wike
11-21-1878 at MM Stuart's John J. Moss, 21 L. J. Stuart, 17 JP Stuart, wit: AS Bryson, GS Bowman
5-9-1901 John M. Moss, 36 Nassie Moody, 18 License not returned
12-6-1899 at Wm. Stewart's Julius M. Moss, 21 Rutha J. Stewart, 16 JC Evitt, JP, wit: John Stewart, Dick Henderson
10-10-1889 at Webster Ts. Matt R. Moss, 23 Cora York, 21 BG Wild, MG, wit: JM Long, Jr, James Ashe, JB Wild
5-28-1863 Milton Moss Mary Ann Montieth Wm. Wilson, JP
9-12-1863 Milton W. Moss Margaret C. Wilson Wm. Wilson, JP
1-5-1873 at Levi Butler's Thomas L. Moss, 23 H. E. Butler, 19 David Wike, JP
1-17-1884 at Wm. Moss' Wilburn R. Moss, 17 Sarah Stuart, 20 John Owens, MG, wit: BF Owens, WD Childers
1-4-1900 at the bride's res. William Moss, 67 Caroline Shelton, 67 AC Queen, BM, wit: VF Brown, JO Price, DA Watson
9-6-1896 at Hamburg Ts. W. R. Moss, 18 Saddie Pierson, 17 RH Stewart, JP, wit: WR Stewart, JM Moss, B Norton
12-12-1885 at Jeff Hooper's David N. Mull, 21 Synthia Buchanan, 20 AB Henson, MG, wit: NJ Hooper, EM Hooper
12-16-1886 Jerry B. Mull, 20 Hiley Huffman, 18 License not returned
9-29-1881 at Gilbert Melton's John A. Mull, 21 Vianna Melton, 21 BN Queen, BM, wit: WA Queen, GB Queen
6-27-1891 at Caney Fork J. A. Mull, 31 Lena Watson, 31 JM Keener, Min, wit: E Watson, MC Warlick, WJ Mull
8-21-1891 at Canada Ts. L. N. Mull, 21 Deby Massengale, 21 WT Campbell, MG, wit: JM Keener, MC Warlick, EJ Rader
12-25-1881 at Gilbert Melton's Willaim Mull, 20 Artie Melton, 20 RH Stephens, JP, wit: Allen Mull, George Queen
3-11-1885 at GW Clayton's L. Murry, 22 he from Alabama, USA Sarah Clayton, 21 JR Crawford, JP, wit: JP Calhoun, JB Clayton