12-10-1862 Amos Cabe Jo Annah Green W.H. Buchanan, JP
3-14-1866 Amos Cabe Mary Deitz EC Ash, JP
6-18-1898 at Mr. Mashburn's Fidily Cabe, 18 Martha Frizzle, 19 JW Cowan, JP, wit: SA Grant, RM Frady, EH Loudermilk
8-7-1873 in the road Floyd Cabe, 19 Mary Young, 25 MW Bryson, JP, wit: JA Mitchell
11-12-1899 at Jerome Sutton's Jessie Cabe, 21 Lou Sutton, 16 WC Buchanan, JP, wit: John C. Jones, BH Hughes
12-29-1859 Joel Cabe Nancy Green WH Buchanan, JP
3-2-1873 at Manson Wilson's John Cabe, 22 Raline Cockerham, 15 PG Green, wit: Manson Wilson, AL Wilson
11-10-1889 at Thomas Cabe's Joseph H. Cabe, 20 Violet Wilson, 20 JL Buchanan, MG, wit: JA Buchanan, ME Buchanan
1-13-1880 at GW Barron's Josh Cabe, 26 Perthinia Barron, 23 WW Reed, BM, wit: John Cabe, BF Barron
10-25-1894 at Savannah Julius Cabe, 21 Lillie Green, 21 WC Buchanan, JP, wit: JR Tatham, JH Cabe
11-26-1873 at Sol. Frady's Leander Cabe, 21 Margaret Cunningham, 24 WM Bryson, JP
4-29-1899 Lee Cabe, 44 Hanner Buckner, 28
12-18-1879 at Sydny Ash's Mitchell Cabe, 21 Callie Ash, 15 JB Allison, JP, wit: OM Allison, SW Allison
9-15-1878 at DF Hall's Nathan Cabe, 25 Mary Ann Wilson, 20 EC Ash, JP, wit: JW Fisher, DF Hall
1-10-1890 at Sylva R. L. Cabe, 23 Oma Reynolds, 16 AM Parker, JP, wit: GP Austin, FM Tompkins, EM Cabe
10-29-1886 at WH Buchanan's Robert L. Cabe, 20 Sarah J. Buchanan, 25 BF Barron, JP, wit: DJ Tatham, James Cabe
8-12-1866 Thomas Cabe Margaret Buchanan WH Buchanan, JP
8-2-1892 at Webster William Cabe, 19 Rebecca Frady, 15 JA Wild, JP, wit: GW McConnell, Julius Snider
12-25-1895 at Cullowhee William Cabe, 20 Ella May Frady, 16 AW Davis, BM wit: JR Buchanan, JW Frizzell
3-15-1888 at JA Monteith's Allen D. Cagle, 25 Celinda J. Monteith W. Ensley, MG, wit: Harrison Bradley, AH Sims
1-26-1891 at Dillsboro Ts. E. F. Cagle, 19 Eliza Keener, 22 JW Buchanan, JP, wit: JW Cagle, AA Massie, WA Sutton
3-15-1869 H. S. Cagle Rachel Barker EH Cagle, JP
3-24-1885 John W. Cagle, 21 Sarah L. Hall License not returned
10-9-1879 Robert Cagle Sallie Allison EH Cagle, JP
4-16-1887 Andrew C. Cain, 23 Mary Young, 21 License not returned
12-2-1896 at Scotts Creek George Calhoun, 21 Sina Bryson, 18 SD Sutton, JP, wit: SR Cook, JS Calhoun, EN Smith
?-18-1901 at Sylva J. L. Calhoun, 24 Eliza Dotson, 22 RA Painter, JP, wit: RL Davis, Geo. Calhoun, WD Edwards
4-12-1891 at Scotts Creek John S. Calhoun, 22 Julia Cook, 20 JR McKay, JP, wit: WA McKay, RH McKay
8-17-1893 at Webster P. A. Calhoun, Jr., 23 Emma Jane Stillwell, 16 John S. Smiley, JP, wit: GN Cowan, HN Mashburn
9-13-1896 at Webster William Calie, 18 Anna Blackwell, 19 DH Ashe, JP, sit: JH Cabe, TJ Cabe, DC Hall
12-20-1877 at Silas Davis' Joseph R. Camp (col), 24 Hattie Davis (col), 19 MM Brown, MG
11-30-1899 at John Cogdille's D. C. Campbell, 24 he from Haywood Co.,NC Hattie Cogdille, 20 CM Carpenter, MG, wit: Charley Hill, RGA Campbell
12-22-1898 at John Sitton's Thos. D. Campbell, 26 he from Iredell Co., NC Lela Sitton, 16 JP Calhoun, JP wit: SL Nicholson, John R. Long
1-5-1890 at Hamburg Ts. Z. W. Campbell, 23 Darthula Wilson, 18 BN Queen, MG, wit: AE Pinkard, HA Brown
8-28-1901 Charley Z. Candler, 24 Annie Thomas, 23 License not returned
2-14-1877 at John Alley's John C. Cann, 24 he from Rabun Co., Ga. Sarah E. Alley, 22 CB Fugate, MG, wit: MF Bumgarner, AC Bumgarner
11-8-1883 near Webster E. B. Cannon, 22 he from Knox Co., Tenn. Laura B. Monday, 19 JO Shelly, MG, wit: JT Sherrod, DG Boyd
4-12-1871 Henry Cannon R. A. Allison GW Spake, MG
2-27-1881 at AM Parker's John W. Cannon, 30 Julia Hannah, 25 GW Spake, MG
2-10-1881 at RE Beard's Owen R. Cannon, 23 Salley M. E. Rochester, 23 TM Frizzell, JP, wit: RE Long, JW Cannon
3-1-1874 at R. Pearson's Thomas Carbus, 26 America Parson, 19 AH Wilson, JP, wit: John Stuart, D. Norton
8-21-1890 at Webster Ts. J. M. Carpenter, 20 Belle Stillwell, 19 JG Ammons, MG, wit: HC Cowan, J Davis, Geo. Davis
3-29-1889 at Webster Ts. T.A. Carpenter, 32 Cordilia Stillwell, 22 AH Sims, BM, wit: GN Cowan, LD Hall, GW Davis
6-24-1883 at JE McLain's Thos. A. Carpenter, 26 Laura A. McLain, 16 AB Clemmenes, MG, wit: WD Terrell, James H. Cathey
1-6-1856 J. B. Carrell Jain Floyd JB Sherrill, JP
8-30-1888 at Emaline Wilson Alfred E. Carroll, 20 Ella J. Wilson, 23 John P. Carroll, JP, wit: JB Stewart, MM Pierson
3-23-1873 at John Stuart's Joseph Carroll, 39 Airy Lusk, 30 Josea Bumgarner, JP
12-4-1881 at John Carroll's Thomas E. Carroll, 21 Ellen L. Leopart, 21 JP Stuart, JP, wit: RA Carroll, Sarah Stuart
7-14-1896 at Dillsboro Ts. J. L. Carson, 21 Mary C. Jones, 22 JT Carson, JP, wit: William Monteith, Samuel Jones
8-3-1879 at Samuel Beck's Thomas B. Carter, 17 he from Rabun Co., Ga. Roxie Beck, 16 ED Brendle, BM, wit: PP Buchanan, Samuel Beck
6-22-1862 Benjamin Carver Becersisa Watson WH Conner, Elder
10-16-1884 at John Tilly's James Carver, 20 Elizabeth Tilly, 24 JG Ammons, MG, wit: Hugh S. Rogers, John Tilly
6-16-1866 at WJ Jones John D. Carver, 26 Mary E. Kite, 21 JO Wallace, JP, wit: AJ Gibbs, Wm. McLonghlin
10-30-1885 at M. Henson's Silas J. L. Carver, 27 Maggie A. Henson, 17 AB Clemments, MG, wit: JB Gibson, AJ Carver
8-10-1891 at Qualla Ts. F. G. Case, 29 he from Swain Co., NC Mary Sallcup, 18 she from Swain Co., NC PP McLean, MG, wit: EL McKee, RH Zachary
1-14-1869 William Casey (col) Mandy Thomas (col) CC Spake, JP
2-19-1899 at Thos. Davise's John Casy (col), 26 Sallie Davis (col), 19 Rev. TR Hacket, wit: JH Hooper, Edward Love
8-22-1875 at church Alfred W. Cathey, 24 Lydia M. Beard, 15 John Mathis, JP, wit: Robert Moffitt, LM Cathey
1-11-1866 B. H. Cathey M. C. Conley LG Ward, JP
8-3-1869 at Samuel Beck's Elonzo R. Cathey, 19 he from Swain Co., NC Charity T. Clemmens, 18 ED Brendle, BM wit: SJ Beck, GB Davis
7-22-1887 under the apple tree James Cathey, 21 Maggie Caler, 23 CA Bird, JP, wit: MC Ayers, DA Martin
11-27-1881 at DE Bryson's James T. Cathey, 18 Carrie Brown, 18 TJ Bryson, JP, wit: AS Queen, RC Bryson
3-2-1889 at Canada Ts. John A. Cathey, 21 Bethena Mathis, 17 John H. Mathis, JP, wit: AC Queen, Levi Brown
5-9-1881 at JB Raby's James A. Chambers, 24 Julia E. Conner, 19 JB Raby, JP, wit: Ida Raby
12-1-1858 E. C. Chastain,  E. E. Boon Jacob Wike, JP
10-2-1856 Edward Chastain R. C. Watson BN Queen, BM
9-14-1878 at H. Stephens' Ezekiel Chastain, 24 Rua Stephens, 18 WA Brown, JP, wit: WW Brown, Vance Stephens
9-10-1899 at the bride's fathers James Chastain, 25 Nettie Rochester, 18 EF Pell, JP, wit: WH Robinson, JO Price
3-19-1901 at Hamp Robinsons James Chastain, 25 Emma Handcock, 19 EF Pell, JP, wit: Mariah Nicholson, Julia Dunn
9-18-1877 at John Brown's Jesse E. Chastain, 23 Mary E. Moore, 18 Lewis Queen, JP
3-7-1864 John Chastain Rebecca Shook Jacob Wike, JP
9-1-1864 John Chastain Mary A. Mathis J. Wike, JP
12-24-1878 at Wm. Wilson's Junius M. Chastain, 24 Sarah L. Wilson, 19 WA Brown, JP, wit: OB Cowan, Enis Wilson
2-13-1898 at E. Rochester's R. C. Chastain, 24 Hattie Rochester, 18 EF Pell, Jp, wit: TA Robinson, WH Robinson, CW Paxton
8-18-1881 at C. Woodring's Robert Chastain, 23 Sarah Woodring, 23 WS Brown, JP, wit: Elihu Coward, Wm. Coward
11-25-1882 at Leanard Jones' Robert M. Chastain, 18 Melvina Jones, 21 JE McLain, JP, wit: RL Jones
12-21-1862 George W. Chasteen Marinda Grigs EC Chastain, JP
5-28-1869 James Cheoih, he the son of an unknown Cherokee Susan Gibbs, she the Dtr. of an unknown Slave GW Spake, MG
4-9-1884 at James Sutton's John Childers, 25 he from Swain Co., NC Sarah A. Sutton, 24 DH Ash, JP, wit: M Sutton, HD Childers
12-22-1895 at Dillsboro M. E. Childers, 19 Lillie Sutton, 17 TL Brown, JP, wit: RC Parris, WJ Sutton, Sam Brooks
12-20-1887 at Marion Green's Reubun A. Childers, 25 Maud Hays, 18 CA Bird, JP, wit: JH Boyd, CC Martin
10-23-1888 at JH Bryson's Thomas J. Christy, 25 he from Macon Co., NC Corral Bryson, 25 WR Barnett, MG, wit: WR Johnston, FT Smith
10-2-1892 at Scotts Creek Will A. Clark, 29 he from Knoxville, Tenn. M. M. Sutton, 21 Henry D. Welch, MG, wit: VC Welch, NM Welch
12-3-1890 at Scotts Creek Ts. John J. Clark, 25 he from Buncombe Co, NC Belle Bright, 21 R Brown, Pres. Min., wit: Nora Welch, Mattie Jones, LE Perry
10-31-1882 at JB Clayton's Daniel J. Clayton, 24 Mollie West, 22 WHT Dillard, JP, wit: JV Clayton, JP Calhoun
10-11-1896 at Sylva Ts. T. C. Clayton, 22 Maggie Allman, 18 AH Sims, MG, wit: Thomas Love, John Allman
1-17-1872 Wm. A. Clayton Mary A. Cogdill ED Brendle, Elder
12-17-1897 at Samuel Cook's W. T. Clayton, 23 Dora M. Cook, 18 SH Queen, JP, wit: WL Thurber, GW Clayton
12-23-1855 David Cline Jane Jenkins NB Thompson, JP
11-3-1868 John W. Cline Sarah Angaline Shular Wm. B. Garrett, JP
No date W. P. Cline Harriet McKee ITS Sherrill, BM
9-22-1897  William R. Cline, 45 he from Swain Co., NC Dovey V. Wood, 22 HH Hude, BM, wit: Josephine Fuller, Lee Fuller
3-29-1881 at Joseph Green's J. T. Clure, 22 C. E. Green, 22 CS Buchanan, wit: WT Brooks, Leander Buchanan
11-1-1896 at Mountain Ts. Earl Cobb, 25 Ella Mathis, 24 JS Leopard, JP, wit: AM Moore, JH Long, AV Mathis
1-3-1880 at AW Parker's Roland Cobb, 21 Ann Parker, 21 JN Cathey, JP, wit: JH Parker, JT Cathey
1-22-1871 T. W. Cockerham Jane Baily PG Green, MG
9-3-1871 W. C. Cocherham N. C. Baley JS Woodard, MG
5-10-1875 at TK Welch's Ross Cochiham, 23 Darcus (red), 20 TK Welch, JP, wit: Ross Smith, EA Hyatt
9-4-1887 near Baptist Church Jessee B. Cockerham, 27 Laura Wilson, 16 AH Sims, MG, wit: EL McKee, JM Long
9-26-1897 at John Allman's Samuel Cogdelle, 23 Lula Allman, 22 SH Green, JP, wit: WE Bryson, JB Queen, TJ Love
1-9-1866 John Cogdill S. G. Cook A. Fisher, JP
1-27-1899 at JB Queen's John Cogdill, 26 Mary Alman, 18 SH Queen, JP, wit: JB Queen, FD Parris
1-9-1890 at Sylva Ts. Johnny Cogdill, 21 Pattie Brooks, 21 JR McKay, JP, wit: WA McKay, LC Murry
3-25-1864 J. M. Cogdill Mary A. Cook W.R. Crawford, Elder
5-4-1890 at Scotts Creek Ts. Robert Cogdill, 18 Maggie Bradshaw, 21 SR Cook, JP, wit: LD Queen, RL Cook, Bill Hall
8-15-1896 at Scotts Creek Ts. G. L. Cogdille, 21 Therese Henry, 18 JP Calhoun, JP, wit: JM Hoyle, WD Henry
10-9-1898 Lee W. Cogdille, 26 Artilia Clayton, 25 SH Queen, JP
10-2-1879 at Brunette Wilson William Cogdille, 17 Mollie Wilson, 17 GW Spake, MM, wit: Wm. Wilson, JF Buchanan
8-14-1898 at Allen Wilk's  Charlie Coggins, 21 Margaret Wilks, 18 JW Leopard, JP, wit: WF Moody, WA Leopard
4-1-1885  Edward Coggins, 21 Martha J. Bryson, 26 JB Sutard, JP, wit: WF Coggins, JA Henson
1-28-1879 at Lettie Mathis' Francis P. Coggins, 20 Mary A. Bryson, 18 DD Davis, JP, wit: L. Mathis, Peter Mathis
4-2-1877 at Josiah Watson's Francis P. Coggins, 22 Amanda Wilks, 21 RL Watson, JP, wit: BN Watson, Thos. Dills
10-17-1885 at N. Woodring's Marcus L. Coggins, 22 Lou Moody, 17 CL Woodring, JP, wit: NG Fox, JT Moody
5-10-1874 at M. Zachary's R. H. Coggins, 22 Mary T. Zachary, 19 CW Wiggins, MM, wit: C. Bryson, John Keener
11-25-1877 at Alex Zacharay's George M. Cole, 22 Sarah A. Zachary, 22 CP Bryson, JP, wit: JP Slaton, A Zachary
7-27-1869 Eli Collins Nancy Jenkins Wm. B. Garrett, JP
11-9-1875 at RF McKee's Joseph A. Collins, 34 Hattie V. McKee, 17 JW Bird, MM, wit: JC Watkins, LC Hall
3-12-1892 at Barker Creek S. S. Collins, 35 from Swain Co., NC Mrs. M. E. Pinson, 27 from Swain Co., NC SC Allison, JP, wit: Mary L. Bradley
4-30-1871 Joe Colnquatag (red) Anna (red) WH Conner, MG
5-29-1871 Bengeman S. Conley Sousan Lester TH Welch, JP
1-3-1861 Jessee Conley Ruanna Hughes LG Ward, JP
10-29-1868 Manley Conley R. A. Enloe License not returned
10-23-1866 W. D. Conley May Hicks WH Hicks, JP
1-8-1871 B. M. Conner Emeline Harris Stephen J. Beck, JP
4-9-1876 in Road Doctor F. Conner, 21 he from Swain Co., NC Margaret York, 20 John E. McLean, JP, wit: AK Bradley, JR Beck
11-15-1877 at John J Cope's Francis Conner, 20 Margaret Cope, 18 JC Watkins, JP, wit: LC Shoffield, LH Leatherwood
9-9-1901 Henry Conner, 21 Dovey Cunningham, 19 License not returned
1-17-1894  H. Y. Conner, 42 Mary Smathers, 20 Returned- Not executed
1-26-1896 at Qualla J. S. Conner, 60 Minda Hornbuckle, 50 GC Sherrill, JP, wit: GC Sherrill, S Sherrill, M Sherrill
2-11-1864 M. L. Conner Mary Teeters WH Conner, JP
11-16-1895 at Dillsboro R. C. Conner, 55 Martha Jane Davis, 45 Thomas Queen, JP, wit: WD Sitton, JL Gibson, JA Gibson
8-21-1883  Symms Conner, 21 Mary C. Harris, 17 License not returned
7-8-1901 Vestel Conner, 22 Laura Mathis, 18 License not returned
12-9-1883 at SJ Beck's Wiley Conner, 21 he from Swain Co., NC Clarinda A. Beck, 18 ED Brendle, BM, wit: CT Cathey, SJ Beck
9-15-1892 at Cullowhee Ts. Frank J. Conroy, 33 he from New Castel, Pa. Ella Maia Davies, 27 JA Deal, Min. PECS, wit: WW Helm, JF Hays, M Buchanan
3-3-1858 E. A. Cook A. M. Wood J Wike, JP
12-25-1882 at WJ Hooper's James Cook, 24 Susan Stephens, 18 WJ Parker, JP, wit: HJ Hooper, JH Smith
11-8-1877 at John Cogdill's James A. Cook, 20 Sarah A. Deen, 18 SH Bryson, JP, wit: John Cogdill, Joseph Queen
8-11-1898 at bride's home Lee Cook, 22 Elvina Queen, 35 JD Sitton, JP, wit: JE Long, SC Wood, WD Mills
10-1-1873 at James Farley's Marcus Cook, 19 Martha Lemmons, 18 Wm. Estes, JP
7-22-1877 at Eli Fulbright's Marvel R. Cook, 48 Barbary Fulbright, 41 GW Spake, MM, wit: Eli Fulbright, D Fulbright
11-27-1884 at MJ Pannel's Robert L. Cook, 18 Hannah J. Pannel, 17 JR Crawford, JP, wit: JB Queen, John Snider
2-18-1900 at W Bumgarner's Robert L. Cook, 21 Annie Bumgarner, 19 JR Crawford, JP, wit: John Bumgarner, AB Moore
1-7-1900 at Rebecca Parkers Samuel Cook, 24 Bessie Parker, 17 WF Cook, BM, wit: SL Parker, MA Parker, JH Shular
10-9-1853 S. F. Cook Martha A. Shelton LC Hooper, JP
9-25-1865 S. R. Cook N. R. Bennett JM Harris, Elder
12-6-1899 Thomas Cook, 35 Mattie Brown, 16 License not returned
3-11-1886 at John Smith's William F. Cook, 20 Aled Parker, 17 Bragg Hooper, JP, wit: WC Long, JH Smith
9-10-1865 J. B. Cooper R. J. Conley WL Norris, JP
12-30-1861 Leander Cooper Mary T. Paris FM Fanning, MG
2-12-1891 at Sylva Ts. Lee W. Cooper, 23 Laura Bell Long, 15 PP McLean, MG, wit: ZV Watson, JE Diverbliss
11-13-1875 at LM Angel's William W. Cooper, 19 Sarah A. Gipson, 19 JB Allison, JP, wit: Berry Cooper, LM Angel
9-3-1896 at Hamburg Ts. A. C. Cope, 29 F. I. Barnes, 21 JS Leopard, JP, wit: RA Brown, HT Conner, MG Daves
1-29-1887 at NE Bryson's Andrew C. Cope, 21 Emma Bryson, 19 FM Frizell, JP, wit: JW Monteith, TB Dillard
10-9-1887 at John Cogdill's Coleman Cope, 22 I. Queen, 17 SP Cook, JP, wit: John Cogdill, William Cope
9-16-1894 at Scotts Creek C. M. Cope, 20 Alice Gunter, 16 Joseph Hoyle, JP, wit: WD Mills, JM Lindsey, AT Harrell
9-17-1899 at WH Higdon's Engehart Cope, 21 Mollie Higdon, 18 DC Jones, JP, wit: RL Collins, James Cabe
2-9-1888 at bride's fathers Henry Cope, 20 Polly L. Parker, 17 John H. Mathis, JP, wit: DW West, WL Cope
12-28-1883 at WM Hooper's James Cope, 18 ? White, 18 WH Hooper, JP, wit: JA Woodring, Lizzie Wilson
8-19-1897 at River Ts. James Cope, 30 Fannie Bradley, 25 VF Brown, Jp, wit: HV Conner, AC Price, OL Hooper
12-15-1887 at Silas Wilks' James R. Cope, 21 Charity E. Wilks, 21 WM Rhea, JP, wit: John Cogdill, Robert Wilks
9-3-1874 at A Cope's Joseph A. Cope, 21 Edith Dillard, 20 MW Bryson, JP, wit: Andy Bryson
2-9-1896 at Scotts Creek Ts. L. L. Cope, 26 Elizabeth Lindsey, 17 Joseph Hoyle, JP, wit: SJ Banner, GW Hoyle
12-31-1898 at his mother's Sebern Cope, 22 he from Macon Co, NC Alice Hall, 26 JL buchanan, BM, wit: JW Morgan, JF Morgan
11-17-1898 at RL Watson's Walter Cope, 29 Amanda Hooper, 27 JP Brendle, JP, wit: AC Cope, JH Barnes
1-24-1892 at Sylva Ts. Walton Cope, 22 Maggie Sitton, 15 HP Brendle, JP, wit: ED Brendle, C Cope, John Cope
7-6-1890 at Savannah Ts. W. F. Cope, 21 Margarrett J. Higdon, 18 WT Crisp, Jp, wit: Andrew Cope, DP Walker
8-26-1894 at Savannah Wesley Cope, 21 Polly Ridley, 18 WC Buchanan, JP, wit: W. Crawford, JL Kinsland
9-25-1887 at Wm. Cope's William Cope, 45 Stacy E. Baily, 22 SR Cook, JP, wit: RO Phillips, Mary J. Cope
12-24-1886 William L. Cope, 19 Lilly G. Brown, 18 License not returned
8-18-1891 at Scotts Creek W. W. Cope, 24 Caroline Barker, 23 SR Cook, JP, wit: Jno. Baily, Guss McKay, Joe Hooper
9-28-1854 William Corben Prudy An Mathes Jacob Wike, JP
12-25-1871 Thomas Corn Tassel (red) Oolscosty (red)
3-14-1890 at Webster Ts. W. O. Cory, 60 he from Haywood Co., NC Sallie Hedden, 23 JO Shelley, MG, wit: Mr & Mrs Schrieber, GN Emry
5-1-1892 at River Ts. James B. Coulter, 28 Callie Hooper, 18 BN Queen, BM, wit: SS Chishom, MT Hooper
1-3-1886 at George Roger's Alfred Cowan, 42 Elizabeth Hooper, 40 JT Wike, JP, wit: Lewis Rogers, Wilson Rogers
3-10-1895 at Savannah Arch Cowan, 20 Arlissa Brogdon, 18 AW Davis, BM, wit: RD Cowan, JS Sellers, AC Cowan
1-17-1866 James Cowan Elizabeth Stillwell ET Stillwell, JP
12-23-1894 at Savannah James Cowan, 25 Mandy Allecia Frady, 17 AW Davis, BM wit: JJ Buchanan, JR Buchanan
12-27-1881 at RH Stephen's James F. Cowan, 30 Mary J. Hooper, 22 RH Stephens, JP, wit: WB Hooper, EM Cowan
3-26-1879 at AL Lovedahl's J. H. Cowan, 21 Julia Lovedahl, 19 SC Owens, JP, wit: EM Cowan, HL Brown
1-18-1898 at FH Leatherwood's M. D. Cowan, 27 Annie C. Leatherwood, 20 JJ Gray, MMECS, wit: LD Cowan, WD Honeycutt
2-3-1879 at EC Ash's Roiston D. Cowan, 21 Amanda J. Bradley, 18 EC Ash, JP, wit: PP Buchanan, E Buchanan
1-12-1887 at James Hawkin's Samuel A. Cowan, 24 Mollie Hawkins, 19 GW Hawkins, JP, wit: James Hawkins, SC Painter
1-20-1891 at Webster Ts. W. L. Cowan, 23 Luthena Wild, 21 AJ Long, Sr., JP, wit: MD Cowan, LD Cowan, ST Bryson
2-26-1869 D. L. Cowan Nancy Dietz JL Buchanan, MG
9-14-1873 at Mary Allman's William R. Cowan, 32 Mary Allman, 27 JL Buchanan, BM, wit: WO Buchanan, JS Stillwell
8-7-1892 at Dillsboro Ts. Andrew Coward (col), 27 Lou Moore (col), 21 JC Watkins, JP, wit: WA Dills, JC Fisher, SS Enloe
9-1-1892  Charles Coward, 22 Callie Henson, 26 License not returned
4-1-1875 at EC Hooper's Javan B. Coward, 24 Jane Hooper, 20 BN Queen, BM, wit: J Davis, MD Hooper
3-4-1875 at William Norton's Jonathan D. Coward, 23 Lou Norton, 21 CB Fugate, MM, wit: Mary A. Fugate, Eliza B. Zachary
10-18-1885 at ED Davis' Nathan Coward, 67 ? Hadden, 18 GW Spake, MM, wit: WC Tompkins, Joseph Davis
7-1-1885 at ER Hampton's O. B. Coward Emma C. Long, 14 JS Keener, JP, wit: JM Watson, ER Hampton
4-20-1886 at PC Allen's Robert R. Coward, 19 Lena E. Allen, 16 CM Jones, MM, wit: WC Norton, EC Headen
1-2-1883 Samuel Coward, 21 Martha E. Parker, 24 License not returned
9-31-1886 at Mrs. Saunders' Silas Coward, (col), 23 Julia Saunders (col), 25 FP Mastin, MG, wit: GD Hooper, Ellen Mastin
3-6-1873 at HR Brown's Tolvin B. Coward, 22 Rebecca Bryson, 18 BN Queen, BM, wit: RH Brown, EC Chastin
12-27-1868 William Coward Elizabeth Queen BN Queen, BM
1-2-1882 at Moses Allen's William Coward (col), 20 Josie Allen (col), 18 GW Spake, MM, wit: Will Love, Alfred Coward
3-11-1886 at Wm. Hooper's William Coward, 22 Dora Long, 18 Bragg Hooper, JP, wit: WC Long, TH Hooper
12-29-1887 at AD Hooper's William Coward (col), 25 Clerrisa Love (col), 21 AD Hooper, Jp, wit: DH Rogers, JM Hooper
10-27-1887 at Cullowhee  Thomas Cox, 24 Cora K. Davis, 19 D. Hillhouse, Cleg., wit: DL Love, Minnie L Lewis
9-1-1899 at Scotts Creek Andrew Crawford, 18 Zettie Ann Mills, 19 HA Hall, JP, sit: JM Crawford, RB Shular
4-22-1878 at Marth Crawford's Ellis W. Crawford, 19 Martha Parris, 19 JR Crawford, JP, wit: Samuel Parris, Wm. Clayton
8-23-1888 at JR McKay's George C. Crawford, 18 Sarah Pannel, 17 JR McKay, JP, wit: JT Carson, AC Bryson
12-4-1873 at AJ Morrow's George W. Crawford, 19 Nancy Morrow, 21 SH Bryson, JP, wit: DG Estis
1-1-1896 at Canada Ts. Hamilton Crawford, 25 Alsey Massengale, 16 AC Queen, BM, wit: John Ashe, PH Brown
8-5-1900 at TJ Mathis' House Henry Crawford, 16 Alusta Massengale, 17 TJ Mathis, JP, wit: HE Crawford, RH Brown
4-8-1900 at D Knight's store H. R. Crawford, 23 Frances Mills, 24 AB Henson, BM, wit: JE Mthis, Ben Saunders, JH Phillips
9-30-1880 at Frank Henson's James E. Crawford, 20 Mary M. Henson, 20 JR Crawford, JP, wit: JR Crawford, JB Ensley
10-14-1879 at William Ensley's James M. Crawford, 19 Codella Ensley, 15 W. Ensley, Jp, wit: TN Snider, WT Ensley
1-25-1894 at Cullowhee Ts. John L. Crawford, 25 Rebecca E. Phillips, 21 JT Carson, JP, wit: Judson Corn, WL Henson, JT Phillips
12-6-1887 at RL Watson's Joseph W. Crawford, 20 Martha Watson, 19 AH Sims, MG, wit: RJ Crawford, Walter Potts
12-31-1862 M. W. Crawford Margret E. Snider S. Monteith, JP
3-6-1898 at Nancy Crawford's Ramsey Crawford, 22 Julia Bryson, 19 Wm. Pruitt, MG, wit: TD Bryson, WL Fisher
3-25-1880 at JS Queen's Reece Crawford, 21 Rebecca Queen, 21 ED Brendle, BM, wit: TN Snider, Thos. Monteith
1-14-1894 at Sylva Ts. Samuel Crawford, 23 Mollie Hoyle JP Brendle, JP, wit: RP Crawford, AC Robinson
3-8-1891 at Cullowhee Ts. W. N. Crawford, 26 D. M. Adams, 19 Lee Hooper, JP, wit: N. Fox, JA Adams
12-29-1886 at SM Painter's William E. Crawford, 25 Emma Painter, 18 JR Crawford, JP, wit: John Bryson, Sam Henson
8-30-1883 at Marion Dills' Wilson B. Crawford, 20 Sarah M. Dills, 17 RL Watson, JP, wit: WS Henson, WE Crawford
3-30-1899 at JM Crawford's Ben Crisp, 22 Lillie Aiken, 18 JR Crawford, JP, wit: JM Crawford, AL Ensley
2-20-1898 at SB Jone's Millard Crisp, 22 Lizzie Jones, 19 Thomas L. Brown, JP, wit: AC Elders, TS Brooks
11-17-1872  Thomas J. Crisp, 20 Harriet L. Jones, 17 PG Breen, BM, wit: BH Jones, Amos Cabe
7-11-1886 at LJ Smith's Robert T. Crook, 25 Lula McElray, 22 JT Wike, JP, wit: LJ Smith, Lena Smith
11-5-1885 at John Conat's Sevier Crow (red), 22 Laura Maney (red) John Conat, MG, wit: Jane Jutte, Nancy Jutte
7-24-1901 H. C. Crumley, 31 Mary Thompson, 19 License not returned
10-27-1881 at DJ Parker's Richard Crumpton, 22 Mary Mathis, 17 SJ Bryson, JP, wit: AB Bryson, RC Bryson
5-22-180- at Sylva Ts. Cling Cunningham, 22 Maggie Forster, 17 AM Parker, JP, wit: JB Clayton, Newt Phillips, C Wood
3-25-1900 at TJ Fisher's Cling Cunningham, 32 Nannie Fisher, 19 WE Conner, Bm, wit: Howard Fisher, Claud King
1-23-1889  D. L. Cunningham, 21 Emma Cagle, 18 License not executed-returned
12-25-1889 at Dillsboro Ts. E. K. Cunningham, 34 he from Macon Co., NC Maggie Fulmer, 20 she from Buncombe Co, NC JO Shelley, MG, wit: Sam L Rogers, TS Munday, JH Wolff
11-3-1881 at church in Webster Edwin F. Cunningham, 26 he from Macon Co., NC Ida J. Enloe, 22 WC Carden, MG, wit: Frank Ray, GW Dillard
10-10-1869 John Cunningham Margaret Cowan JL Buchanan, JP
3-6-1895 at Webster J. F. Cunningham, 20 he from Macon Co., NC Mary J. Stillwell, 19 AH Sims, BM, wit: CC Cowan, HC Cowan, Wm. Stillwell
4-6-1893 at Savannah Ts. Rufus Cunningham, 22 Florence Deitz, 16 AW Davis, JP, wit: TL Deitz, Nelson Deitz, Mary Detiz
1-20-1895 at Sylva Wiley Cunningham, 25 he from Macon Co., NC Rebecca Bumgarner, 21 AW Jacobs, Min.MECS, wit: Verta Pharr, TF Mashburn
11-24-1899 at GT Mills' George W. Curry, 22 he from McDowell Co., NC Malinda Mills, 18 AB Henson, BM, wit: TL Mills, ZT Mills, Margaret Raines
12-5-1879 at James Arringtons Joshua Curtis, 49 Laura Arrington, 25 TK Welch, JP, wit: WB Sherrill, CC Boone